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301 Redirect, An Alternative Approach (Anchor Juice Conversion)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by sudorank, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Jun 24, 2013
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    I have a new website, just coming up to 3 months in actual fact.

    I also have a related website, ranks for related keyword in a slightly different area.

    The Problem

    If you redirect the older domain into the new one it passes the authority along, which is great! It also unfortunately passes the rankings for the old website to the new one without really helping the new site to rank for its optimised main keyword.

    So basically you end up with a website created for a slightly different product rankings for an older one! Yikes!

    My Solution

    • Create a landing page on your new website, perhaps a "moving page" or similar.
    • Write 500 words on your old product and the new one.
    • Leave a link at the bottom to your landing page to the new websites home page, anchor text is your new main keyword or perhaps an LSI / naked url.


    I first tried a blind 301 redirect to the homepage url and all the problems listed above happened.
    Two days ago i changed the redirect to my new landing page.

    • Landing page ranks for old company name.
    • New website homepage has moved up a few places in the last 24 hours for main keyword.

    It's very early days and the full effect of the redirect (There are 3 domains in the redirect) has not happened yet.

    I do think it's a viable solution if your "upping sticks" to a new product, location or whatever else this tactic might be useful for. Will also be handy if you have websites in dead industries and want to put that juice to good use.