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    Here is the setup:

    Two existing domains/websites with avg. ahrefs domain rank 90 and url rank 140. On these two websites homepages (the old websites are still online) I have an anchor text link to a new subdomain on the same website which, in turn, 301's to a new website (new within the past two months, three links, three 301's, three new websites, one of each for each).

    Each of the three new websites get crawled by G some 500 + times daily, literally every minute, but these are big sites, like 1K plus page e-commerce stores. Also, these guys (the websites) indexed before I even realized it. Each now has at least 15 pages of material in G serps.

    First new website immediately indexes thousands of pages and ranks for long-tail keywords out the wazoo (kinda), still does, like some 50-90 keywords. Second website follows suit but more slowly.

    Third new website is not really new but an old EMD I have reused many times and gotten de-indexed and re-indexed more than once.

    Strangely enough in the stats all three new websites are getting thousands of 302 hits.

    Traffic has slowed for each of the three new websites. That is where we stand today.

    I have 5 more brand-new domains (more e-commerce stores) coming online literally as I write this and I am wondering how to implement this strategically.

    Any good thoughts?
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    Has there been any movement yet? I'm a little confused by what is going on in each site.Can you outline it more clearly for each site? Get MS paint out if you need to ^_^