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301 3 year old (ranking page 2) domain to new domain?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by lolseo, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. lolseo

    lolseo Power Member

    Feb 8, 2013
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    Hi guys

    A site i own is sitting pretty on page 2 (sometimes page1) for money terms.

    Its the homepage that ranks .

    I want to create a new site , on a new domain, to target the same terms, but with no shady links etc.

    Would I see a benefit from 301'ing the old domain that already ranks to a brand new domain that im going to set live?
  2. jon_xx_x

    jon_xx_x Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 15, 2008
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    Of course you would. That's the whole point of 301ing domains.
  3. mbreezy

    mbreezy Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jun 27, 2012
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    Make sure you use the change of address tool if you're going to keep the content the same.

    If you're sitting on the top of page 2, I might try some additional optimization that can make a difference in a highly competitive space. Specifically moving to https, improving site speed, and generating rich snippets or tweaking your title tags for better CTR.

    In addition to that, a refresh of content and adding additional content will always help. It could also be worth investing in some high authority links, and then hit those links with a HQ second tier and some social shares.

    Not sure that moving to a new domain will have the desired effect of consistently getting you on page 1. I'd only do that after using traditional SEO to try and achieve that. Usually, I'm only interested in moving domains for better trust and branding reasons unless you're buying something aged that has an existing backlink profile.
  4. lolseo

    lolseo Power Member

    Feb 8, 2013
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    Hey - thanks for the reply.

    So the situation im in is - i've had my existing domain for around 3 years that makes money through affiliate links.

    It used to rank #1 for my "money terms" and on page 1 / 2 for dozens of LSI terms that I didn't even track - but brought me good traffic. It is the homepage that is the "money page" and the page that ranks.

    Around may 2014 I went from 1st to 3rd/4th. Gradually over time my "money term" rankings have dropped and dropped to rank 9/10/11. The LSI terms are anywhere from page 3-10 or even out of the top 100. Even when i target a long tail term, low competition, low search volume term (under 20 searches a month - no pages on the first 3 page of google that address that term/have it in their meta title) it can't hit the first page. It will appear in the top 100 results, maybe page 3, maybe page 6 - but it just wont rank well.

    The site has never been penalised, but i think it has been affected somewhat by panda - as in 2013/early2014 i had some very short articles with maybe 150-200 words. I removed these mid - late 2014.

    For social signals i tweet daily, upload youtube videos with links back to the homepage or blog posts and put up facebook posts daily. I'll submit content to reddit every so often when relevant. In 2013/2014 i used to add 2-3 new articles a week.

    -Product review
    -"how to" articles
    -"guide" type articles

    Over the past year, I rarely add new content to the site. I might put 2 blog posts up in a week then nothing for 3 months. The nature of monetising this site means i need to change the homepage 2-3 times a week. I always do this weekly and I also update the "date published" to whatever day it is when i make changes. Because of the problem mentioned above - when i write an article based on a low competition term, and it doesn't rank well at all - i've lost "motivation" to put new content up. The content I produce is "high quality". Im knowledgable in my niche and quite often take photos, record a video and my articles usually range from 1200-3000 words depending on the topic.

    I've refreshed the site content and meta data just a few months ago - which didn't really have an effect. The site is wordpress and is slowed down a bit by old plugins etc - another reason i want to make a switch.

    Even though i do not add regular content to my site currently - i am actively link building weekly. My main method is guest blogging on genuine blogs within the niche which i find from social media, recommendations, and google search modifiers. I pretty much build branded/domain anchors with the occasional keyword anchors. I build most links to the homepage(as this is the money page) but have recently started building more to some inner pages (product reviews). When I first launched the site in 2013, and through to early 2014 my main method for link building was through web 2.0s I built dozens of web 2.0's manually and wrote the content myself for each. I then hit these with gsa for my tier 2 and 3.

    I've not built any web 2.0's since 2014 and I haven't used gsa on any of the guest posts i've done also - should i go back to this? I've never bought links and ive never built a PBN(although I am going to start)

    I have also create some really good "buzzfeed" style content that has gained over 1k shares on facebook and lots of upvotes on reddit. No matter what i do though, as in guest blogging, adding new content to the site - it doesn't really improve. It just delays how quickly it loses rank - another reason i'd rather "start fresh" almost on the .co.uk

    The existing domain isn't brandable at all tbh and is hard to get trust. Its not an EMD - but it does contain keywords. Lets pretend my site is about offering dog accessory deals & product reviews. The domain is "cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk".

    The new domain is a .co.uk domain of another existing site I own that is a pure blog site in the same niche as the domain i've mentioned above - but with no monetisation - it is my own brand name. For arguments sake lets call it spindigger.com and this is a blog purely about dog training advice, methods, tips and some product reviews (but product reviews are very small part of this site). It is just a blog to help "build my brand" in the niche.

    I already own spindigger.co.uk but ive just had it parked for about 4 years. My plan is to take the best blog content from spindigger.com (pages that currently receive organic traffic) recreate it on spindigger.co.uk and redirect spindigger.com to spindigger.co.uk (and also do page for page redirects. For example

    existing content: spindigger.com/best-way-to-train-a-teenage-dog
    would redirect to

    The content would be almost identical - just with some small format changes to make the content easier to read.

    My plan is to then recreate the pages that make money from cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk on spindigger.co.uk and redirect everything over.

    For example cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk (the homepage) is the big money making page.

    So i would create spindigger.co.uk/dog-training-item-deals (probably just copy & paste cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk page) and then redirect cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk to spindigger.co.uk/dog-training-item-deals

    I would then recreate all the product reviews from cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk on spindigger.co.uk and redirect from cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk like for like to the new pages on spindigger.co.uk
    cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk/review-1 redirect to spindigger.co.uk/review-1
    cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk/review-2 redirect to spindigger.co.uk/review-2

    My overall reasoning for this is to: make 1 domain that is a combination of my existing 2 sites. A blog offering genuine content (that does not monetise) and an affiliate site that monetises - but for whatever reason is failing to improve visibility.

    I would have spindigger.co.uk homepage as a blog feed. I would recreate the best content from spindigger.com. the product reviews from cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk and 301 them url for url to spindigger.co.uk. I will also add additional content - with the goal of adding at least 1 post per week every week. I would then have the monetisation pages from cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk recreated on spindigger.co.uk/monetisation-page-1 for example and redirect the cheapdogtrainingitems.co.uk homepage to it - so that the monetisation pages are inner pages of the site - but I have a domain that is brandable, and a quality blog.

    This is a super long post - i hope it makes sense and I look forward to any further input you may be able to offer.