3000 Exact Match Domain- How good?

Blackhat Scott

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Jan 26, 2008
I'm going to be selling niche products in a very competitive eCommerce market. I got the keyword with a dash... Ex.: dog-supplies.net

Ex. Say the keyword is Dog supplies with a 3000 exact match in Google keyword tool. Is this going to be a good domain for me? Thanks for your replies. Would love to hear from someone who is selling products online in eCommerce shops.
Good compared to what? dogsupplies.com is best. dogsupplies.net is also better because it has no dash. In terms of SEO you do get an advantage for being a 100% keyword domain, but not nearly as big as with a .com without dashes. If you expect visitors to come directly and in large numbers by typing the domain, better go with a more brandable and easy to remember .com without dashes. If most traffic you expect is from SEO, use this one.
yeah the brandding could be a problem because its so general. But I think my number one goal should be traffic to the site for now so i want all the help i can get, not going to worry about branding because there is nothing to brand yet... Would appreciate others comments too. By the way found out is 2000 exact match local.

If the shopping cart is good, seo is good on site do you think quickly i can capture a good bit of that traffic and make sales? I figure if 1% come one my site... that's 20 people and maybe i can count on another 1% or more to buy? So I am looking at 2 purchase minimum per month or should I expect more? I appreciate any feedback.
Why settle for little? Aim big. Aim to dominate the whole broad niche. Aim to rank on 1st page for ALL high traffic keywords for that niche. Aim to build an authority site in that niche. Can you do it? I don't know. As you see from reading your own post, there are some 'if's there. If you can handle the ifs, you'll do great.
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