30 Ways to increase Your Site’s Traffic

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    If you?re a normal blogger or website owner, you?re going to increase traffic to your website. You might even search all over the web for great ways to generate or increase your traffic. If you?re looking for more people to see your website or your blog, then you?re at the right article! Out of all these 30 ways, I can assure you that most of them will work for your site or blog.

    1. Write Well Content :
    If you want more traffic than you have to write good content. People will not visit your site again if you don?t have a decent amount of goog quality content. So write the good posts.
    2. Good Design :
    You website or Blog must have a good design and layout. So it will easily catches the eyes of Visitors.
    3. Register your own Domain :
    Don?t take free domains as it es hard to remember and many visitors hate free domains. So try to get your own Domain.

    4. Run a Contest :
    Contests get people interested in your site. And if you have a good prize then people more people will attract to your site.Don?t forget to add a ?Rules of contest? Page.
    5. Comments on other Blogs:
    Commenting on other blogs get more traffic to your site or blog. You Don?t Believe that Many people read comments. And Don?t Spam.
    6. Respond to your comments and email :
    People love a blog or site who?s owner is friendly, interactive and thoughtful. And Always respond to their comments and emails.
    7. Begin Tagging to your site Images :
    If you have image in your post then it should be tagged properly. Make sure the width and height of the image is properly defined. And one important thing, fill out the alt tags and title tags with the image?s keyword.
    8. Write your site in Signature :
    Always Post your site or Blog link in your signature in forums.
    9. Don?t Put heavy Themes :
    How many times i have left the site because it taking a lot of time in opening. So Always choose a light weight themes.
    10. Submit your Blog to Search Engines :
    Most of major traffic is come from search engines. Add your site URL to big search engines like bing, google, yahoo, etc and don?t forget to add fresh content daily.
    11. Start Polls :
    If you have a WP blog then get the Wordpress Polls Plugin. People like to vote and like to seeing the outcomes of a poll. Polls are Popular and popular means traffic [​IMG]
    12. Establish Relationship will all types of Blogs :
    Develop Relationship with all kinds of Bloggers, espically those who are in your niche.
    And this way you get more traffic.
    13. Signup on yahoo Answers :
    You will not believe 10% of my site traffic is come from yahoo answers. So start helping other peoples and answer the questions and link the blog posts as the source.
    14. Submit your site to directories :
    Their are Many Directories Free and Paid. This will not get much traffic but it helps to increase Google ranking.
    15. Link Exchange :
    Link exchange is great source of Traffic. Do Link Exchange with all types of Blogs.
    16. Use Social Bookmarking :
    Social sites is another great source of Traffic. Twitter, Facebook are good for targeted Traffic.
    17. Use Feed Burner to subscribe to your Blog :
    When People subscribe through RSS or get your site?s or blog updates in their Inbox, whenever you make posts. This is good way for people to keep in touch with your Blog and getting them to come back.
    18. Be a Human, not a robot :
    Always be active and write useful content.
    19. Create a Wordpress Plugin.
    Okay, this one might be for the smart computer geeks out there, because I couldn?t do it. But if you can, then expect to get lots of links and traffic from all over the place from all the people that use your Plugin.
    20. Write Review :
    If you address a absolutely acceptable honest analysis of a new Product or brand, it could get a lot of traffic from Google who are interested in purchasing any product.
    21. Join Forums and Message Boards :
    Write good Articles, tutorials and post your blog link as a source. It will catch the eyes of people.
    22. Use http://www.mybloglog.com/ :
    Its a good way of traffic. Make Sure to have an eye catching avatar. Join All the MyBloglog Communities. And limit is of 15 daily.
    23. Add Videos :
    Make a good video of your niche. And Make sure to add watermark of your site or blog. Add to youtube, share everywhere and soon you will get lot of hits.
    24. Smart URLs :
    Use smart URLs its help in making good ranking in google. If you have wp blog then do it manually or install http://www.deanlee.cn/wordpress/permalinks-migration-plugin/
    25. Do something Unique :
    Do something original and unique.Come up with new concept that no one else has done.
    You will Receive lot of traffic.
    26. Share Your Secrets :
    share your secrets whether it personal about your life or about your success related .
    27. Don?t Stop Advertising :
    If your site or blog getting high traffic then don?t think thats enough. Don?t Stop Advertising.
    28. Keep Improving your Blog or Site :
    People will coming back to a blog or site that is constantly worked or improved. Always Post new contents.
    29. Use Images in your Post :
    Using Images in your post, makes look good.
    30. Be yourself :
    The internet is a abundant abode to be anonymous, but if you are, no one will feel a affiliation to you and wish to accumulate visiting your blog. Just be yourself, don?t pretend to be anyone you?re not, and people will love you for it. I promise.
    More info and Source : http://www.technshare.com/2009/12/23/30-ways-to-increase-your-sites-traffic/
    Thanks :)
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    Thanks for all tips but :D mybloglog will be closed by yahoo in jan 2010 , so you can't use it anymore !
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    Sorry, but I fail to see how this is "Black Hat SEO" This stuff is white hat all the way. And very laborious to boot.

    If I wanted to be earning piddly amounts of money working long hours, I could either visit the white hat section or work for "The Man"
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    Oh god, you don't want to work for the man.

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    F**k the man he sucks hehehehehehehe i do not want a grunt job i would only end up shooting someone after asking him "do you want fries with that" LoL