30% of my income each month for three months? Yes.

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    Hello fellow Bhatters'!
    (move it please, if it's in wrong section)

    First of all - I want to introduce myself. My name is Peter, I'm from Europe and I'm member of BHW community since October 2010. Not too much, I know.

    This thread is mostly for people who are trying to make some money to start their online business as well as for serious Internet Marketers. I would like to tell you my idea how can we make money together, without spending too much time or working too hard.

    As I mentioned, I'm from Europe and I have a few micro-niche sites. Here in my country are really plenty of money to be made. Why? Because many people here don't know (literally) anything about SEO. Look at the statistics of my websites;

    First website (19 Backlinks):
    Global Google Rank: 2# page, 6 position.
    Local Google Rank: 2# page, 9 position in local google.

    Second website (1 Backlink from footer):
    Global Google Rank: 3# page, 7 position
    Local Google Rank: 3# page, 7 position

    Third website (0 Backlinks) is indexed, not in first 100# positions, but ranking for this keyword is going to be really easy.

    Because this keyword is misspelled name of one european country by local people here. So this is going to be a goldmine (it's also favorite destination for holidays by local people here... further info about this project via PM).

    Fourth website (0 Backlinks) hasn't been indexed yet because I created this site 2 days ago, but again, this will be easy money in my pocket as well as in your pocket.


    Keyword for first website has 5.400 monthly searches and I can make up to 1.13 € [= 1.53 USD] per click on AdSense Ad.

    Keyword for second website has 2.400 monthly searches and I can make up to 0.77 € [= 1.04 USD] per click on AdSense Ad.

    Keyword for third website has 14.800 monthly searches. This website is CPA targetted only.

    Keyword for fourth website has 1.300 monthly searches. This website is CPA targetted only.

    Remember that every website has also CPA offer, so this is a win-win solution for you & for me.


    So you're probably asking now what I need.
    Well I did really deep keyword research to find these keywords in my local Google using SEO SpyGlass, Yahoo Site Explorer, AdWords Keyword Tool & Google itself.
    Ranking for these keywords is not hard at all. For example, my first website which is ranked on 2# Google page has only 19 backlinks, 18 from PR N/A sites and one from PR0 site.
    Local search: 5.400 and AdSense 1.13 € per click. This is really
    a good statistic. But did I meniton that I suck so hard at linkbuilding?

    So, you will build backlinks to my sites, and I will pay you.
    I think 40 d0follow backlinks are enough to rank on first position in my local google (each site needs 40 d0follow backlinks). After Ranking on first position at least for 3 sites, you will get 30% from my income for 3 months, just creating a few backlinks. (Linkbuilding service costs about 19 $ per cca 6.000 backlinks, you're about to make 72.9 $ for 160 backlinks if I assume you create 40 for every site = 160 backlinks).

    So if I will make 20 € [= 27,14 USD] each month from each site that's 60 € / 3 months [60€ = 81 USD].
    And 30% from 81 USD is 18 € [= 24.3 USD] each month for three months. And that's 54 € [=72.9 $] extra income for laughably easy work (I bet you can make 40 indexed & d0follow backlinks in just couple of minutes).
    Also remember these numbers are just from 3 sites, if you can get all four sites on first page you'll be making much more. And then, we can scale it & add more keywords! (I have more keywords that I can easily rank for, but I want to get these sites get ranked first).
    That number 20 € each month is just for example, It's going to be much much more than just 20 €. (Send me a PM, I will tell you why).

    If we can get this job done and make some money from it, we can become partners. I will create site in my local google and you will get this site in first position with easy work. Again, I'll paypal you 30% of my income each month for three months.

    I was thinking about questions you may ask, so you don't need to ask them, here are answers:

    "This smells like a scam."
    Haha. If someone would say that I'm going to scam someone using this thread I'd laugh my lungs out. If I would be a scammer I would be asking for 5.000 backlinks or something like that, not just 40 backlinks for each website. Also I'm not offering you unbeliavable amount of money for that work. 40% from the money I make each month (for three months) seems reasonable
    for me.

    "Why you're not going to build backlinks for yourself?"
    I will tell you why. First reason is because I suck at linkbuilding. And second thing because I don't have scrapebox, xrumer, senuke or any similar software that would make my linkbuilding pain less.
    I have built 19 backlinks so far for my first website and I got really bored. It's just something that I can't stand, I hate linkbuilding so much.

    "Why don't you use those amazing linkbuilding services here on BHW?"
    Why? Because I can't afford them. I have like 2 € in my bank account. I'm 19, I'm still student so I can't afford any linkbuilding service. So this was my first idea that I will pay you as soon as I get some money from my sites.

    "How can you assure me that you will pay me?"
    I can post screenshots & videos from AdSense & CPA company accounts too (It's not really CPA company but something similar, as I mentioned, for furhter info hit me with a PM). If we become partners, I will show you every detail in my projects, moreover you can check the rankings of my sites in my local google too. That means - If I hit first position on first page and I will tell you that I'm not making any money from it I'd be lying. But that's not going to happen.

    "Have you ever made a dollar online?"
    Yep. I'm in this IM world for 6 or 7 months. I was reading a lot and I decided to join this community in october. I have made 230$ using Clickbank and Facebook. However, it was more luck, because I thought that making money online is really easy so I spent those money on Friday nights and then I couldn't make more from Facebook cause FB admins locked all my FB pages so I gave up on Clickbank and Facebook.


    Also, I don't care how old you are, where are you from, what's your name, what's the size of your pants, simply ANYTHING.
    Important thing is that we will make some money online together. Interested? Hit the PM button!
    But please, only people with some linkbuilding experience. I don't want to work with noob who will be constantly asking dumb questions.

    I preffer people with:

    • linkbuilding experience
    • good reputation & posts
    That's because I need to trust you. And also you need to trust me.

    Ready to make some really easy money? Let me know!

    Don't forget to mention in the PM your experience with linkbuilding, internet marketing and which tools for linkbuilding are you using. I then will give you simple info about my projects and where am I from.
    If we will become partners, I will give you every little detail about my sites.

    "This is not just a dream, this is a serious plan."

    - Peter
    //EDIT: Achieved first position on first page in local & global google for that keyword with 14.800 monthly searches. I achieved it with another website (I was using this website for backlinks into my money site, and this one got ranked better than money site but I dont care lol, I'm happy that it's on #1 page / #1 position.)
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