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    depends on Proxies
    Do you know that a custom Business Page or Fanpage can cost you from $100 to $500 depend on the requirement?

    And i'm talking about a real Fanpage and not a static page. If you dont believe me, try to google a few company that selling custom fanpage design. Check their rate for the template that have a mini-website function or a multitab function and you will be amaze with the price and seriously it is very expensive.

    But mine? will be cheaper and that will be the key sales point to the consumer.

    Looking for Online/Field Sales Representative

    Business: Custom Facebook Business/Fanpage Design
    Commission: 30% from the Sales Price
    Sample: From the Download Section

    I'm a Facebook Developer/Designer and looking for part-time sales rep to promote my service to the locals or companies that interested in creating or having their own custom-made Business Page or Fanpage.

    Why they need it?
    - Can engage with 500 millions FB users
    - Can have a Mini-Website or Landing Page in their Facebook
    - Can promote their product to the public
    - Can create awareness about the company to the public
    - Can have a viral script to share their products to their fan's friends.

    Who should have a Business/Fanpage?
    - Business Owner to promote their company/product
    - Artist or Individuals to promote their service
    - Internet Marketeer who want to promote their product
    - CPA marketeer
    - and many more...

    Should you interested, feel free to PM me.
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