3 year old grayhatter here!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kupo, Apr 2, 2011.

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    Hey everyone. 3 year old grayhatter here. Joined the forums in mid 2008 once I found out what "SEO" was (shortly after starting my first online venture) but never came back until a few days ago.

    I developed my own "grayhat" methods of making a living online in early 2008 just a few months before I knew what the terms "blackhat", "grayhat", "whitehat", or "SEO" meant, and I currently make my living fully from the internet now, 98% automated.

    Anyway, just came back a few days ago and made my first post yesterday. I wanna see if I can perhaps find a way to complete the rest of that 2%, and perhaps double, or even triple, my income.

    Also wanted to ask if anyone knows how to change their username? I chose iw1iw1 as a throw-away username way back then, but this forum seems pretty promising. I just finished reading several gigantic threads about autoblogging over the past few days and am looking to start one of these ventures soon.
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    Wow you must be the youngest grey hatter on the net.

    Well done for starting so young mate.

    Your grammar is fantastic for a 3 year old.
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    That is pretty young, only 3 years old. lol But I'm assuming he meant 3 years since he signed up on BHW.