3-word phrase from a homeless man made me a Millionaire


Jan 22, 2020
Meet Joe Vitale.

He's known for his law of attraction books...

He went from being a homeless man to a millionaire...

Joe said a 3-word phrase that made him who he is today:

Money Loves Speed.


The faster you act, the more munney you make.

If you can:

- Publish your ads quicker...

- Launch your funnels faster...

- Test your offers faster...

You can make a lot more munney than you'd make if you "waited until you're fully ready".

But here's the problem...

Most people take three weeks to just build a funnel.

Most people stay broke because they wait too much.
BS...Clichés that has no relation to business...Money world is much more complicated than that...
I'm 100% agree.
I took me a long time to implement it. The huge downside of being a perfectionist, I guess.
I'm still not as good at it as I wanted to, but I'm getting better.
100% disagree. I do business to perfection because everybody can do "quick" - in a high competition niche you only stand out if your product is perfect.

Also if you're not born rich, the path is the goal, not the end. So, what comes after a project? Guess. Right. The next project. Until death.
I needed this... I spend too much time in analysis paralysis.

My best results come from half assed launches with implementation, then gradually improving them.
Money loves speed. IF you know how to make money first.

There you go i make it perfect phrase.
And I can see how you have made TEXT in signature bold to grab attention and get sales.
money leaves fool as well.
don't act fool, don't wait until perfect, being near in the middle of it.
start immediately in pace, don't speed dumbass up, unless you've tons of money to risk.
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