3 Ways to Easily Make Money with Social Media Sites

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    I just wrote a blog post, it's late here, hitting the sack, but wanted to share because I think this is 3 good methods for people of any skill level.

    What you will do is use social media sites to sell either reputation management services (or your affiliate link to a reputation management company), cash in on the mugshot affiliate programs, or find people's interests and send them your affiliate link to a product.

    1. Find people who have Google results that they would rather not have people see. Use their name and location to find them on social media. Message them and offer them your services (or your affiliate link) for reputation management to get those embarrassing articles off the front page of Google's results.

    2. Mugshot affiliate programs: Search through the mugshot sites (that have affiliate programs) and then cross check people against social media sites. Message them and let them know their mugshot is online and send them your affiliate link so they can get it removed if they want to. Don't tell them it costs money cause they will be less likely to click the link.

    3. Find people's interests based on their profile, pictures, posts, etc... and send them a (affiliate) link to a product that they would be interested. If the product is really something cool you may get lucky and have the sharing go a little viral. And even if they don't buy the product they may buy something else from the site in a day or a week so as long as the cookie is valid you can get sales in the future.

    You can read article in full here: http://www.anticareer.com/how-anyone-can-make-money-using-social-media-sites-3-methods/
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