[3-Step] How To Check if an Indexed Link is Passing Juice [Post Penguin 2.0]

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    How To Check if Link Juice is Being Passed

    Who hears a tree falling in a forest? What makes a link a good recognized link?

    We're currently in the process of taking care of all prior clients.
    Along the process, I've come across some good practices that may be helpful
    to other people doing SEO.

    The biggest issue is building links that don't pass value or building links that pass little
    value. We must make sure that these links that we build can rank for their own title tag.

    We've provided some strategies that will help rank a backlink if it's not currently ranking
    as well.

    1. Place your URL into ahrefs.com



    Organic Traffic has been increasing steadily

    2. Grab the backlinks and grab the title text


    3. Put the titles into Google without Quotes



    4. If the site is ranking at the top of google for that title without keywords,
    then you know that page itself has enough authority to stand by itself
    and Google deems it to be valuable. And we verify it using a page rank checker and without
    surprise the page is a Page Rank 6. Page rank is just a way for Google to Value which page
    deserves attention. The higher the page rank, the more likely and quicker and faster Google
    will index that page.


    5. If not continue below

    What to do if the site does NOT show up for that Title

    From my experience, just because a link is indexed doesn't mean that it will pass a lot of juice
    to the target site. The trick is to increase the page authority of the link so that it can stand on its own.
    Through the above method you can also determine which kind of links are good to build and which kind
    of links aren't.

    The three step method below will ensure that it gets recognized for its

    1. Social Signals

    Even just getting a handful 3-5 Google + Profiles to post a status update, will quickly increase
    your page's authority and increase the backlink's page on the SERP.

    Use a plugin like onlywire along with the 33 websites it submits to. This is the single handedly best
    way to get google's attention for links. These social bookmarks temporary appear at the top of
    their respective sites, which google pays a lot of attention to. They will in turn pay attention
    to the backlink sites, and give it a boost in rankings. The trick is to build authority for each backlink
    and have each backlink link to your main site. Your main site will increase in authority itself.

    2. Spam Links

    Blog Comments (Scrapebox), and anything else you can hit that backlink hard (these are called Tier 2's)
    Just keep hitting it hard. For every 100 backlinks that need attention, hit them hard with approx. ~ 10,000
    backlinks and use an indexer to index these backlinks.

    3. High PR Links

    The trick is to gather all your backlinks and host them all onto a wordpress blog on an aged high PR domain.
    This high PR aged domain can be PR4+ and greater and it will do the trick. Limit it to simply 25 outbound links.
    Use spunned on spunned content and sprinkle the links throughout the blog post. Submit the blog page to RSS
    feed sites and ping it using ping-o-matic, etc. The point isn't to pass link juice to these outbound links but to
    have Google simply crawl those pages and give it attention. You will see your links rank for their own titles
    without a hitch.

    That's it. Test it out and report back. If you get a backlink page to go up google and rank for its own title tag,
    then you know the page is passing link juice to your site. Focus on continuing to build those type of links or build
    tier 2's to the ones that aren't and test if it can finally self-rank itself.

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    Quick update: For links to be recognized a quick ping should do the trick
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    Thanks for this man, I'm looking into it
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    what do you mean actually? not really sure if i get you, how does pinging your links will tell that your backlinks will pass links juice?