3 Reasons why you should NOT give up!

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    Okay guys I decided to write a short post here, maybe it can inspire someone..

    Here are some reasons why you should not give up:

    1) You know what you want - You are reading this, so you chose the Internet industry. And even specialized in the Internet Marketing field.

    2) You love what you do - If you don't love this industry, you wouldn't be reading bhw.

    3) You have the abilities - If you can read, if you have a computer - It's all you need. Really.

    Just remember that with just these 3 reasons, you are ahead of like 90% of the people.

    There should be no reason to give up. Now go out there and CREATE stuff, LEARN stuff and HARVEST the goodies ;)

    Have a wonderful day everyone!
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    second that...
    ...as there are some kids that learn to ride a bycicle super-fast and without crashing much - and others need their time to get comfortable with it, crash often, need to overcome fear (failure) etc.
    in the end we all learned how to do it.

    take your time, do not compare with lance armstrong while just having learned to ride a few meters without crashing.
    if you are passionate about it you will develop...
    ...if not - you will move on to something that fit`s you better.

    just don`t give up early...
    ...otherwise we still would be living in caves.