3 reasons Why I Love Japan - NO METHODS IN HERE!

LMAO Damn:D I thought for sure this was a super wicked tip or method stealthing itself discreetly in the lounge. Oh well untill next time. I would take a run at those 3 anytime:clit: I'm a halfer..... so all you racy haters can suk my 3" :thefinger Oh my asian half is only the upper half....lmao
My brain was telling me, GET THE HELL OUTTA THIS THREAD....
but my finger wouldnt let me...I was strangley hypnotised by it all...I dont know whats come over me :eek: The girls in this video had some sort of pull on me...I came over all, oow! I had to check myself.

nuff said
haha, well the video was annoying as hell but the girls look pretty hot. as far as the girl in the red dress goes, i'd fuck her so hard she wouldn't be able to walk straight for a couple weeks. probably make the girl with the green shirt walk with a limp to, she looks like she might be a freak :D.
wow, girls from japan are very hot :D
someday i want to go to japan, if i'm lucky maybe i will meet saori hara :D
OP, why are you promoting girls of your own country to BHW members? Are you a international pimp? lol, jk
I prefer the girls here in south east asia. some have nice chocolate brown skin tone, almost like a black person.:D
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