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3 Quick Instagram Follow Method Questions

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Noah Hawryshko, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Noah Hawryshko

    Noah Hawryshko Senior Member

    Apr 28, 2016
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    Biotechnology Engineer at Silph. Co, Saffron
    Hi, I'm doing the follow method and my accounts are getting into the 100+ follows per day range, so I want to be careful. I have a couple questions to anybody willing to answer them:

    1. Am I supposed to take breaks after I've been following for a certain amount of days?

    2. If I am supposed to take breaks, when I start following immediately after the break do I go right back into following what I was at (even if it's like 500 follows), or do I scale up again slowly?

    3. When I get to the unfollowing stage, is it better to follow and unfollow an equal amount of people (e.g. 250 and 250), or follow on one day and unfollow on the next (e.g. day 1 follow 500 day 2 unfollow 500)?
  2. ppaizon217

    ppaizon217 Regular Member

    Jan 14, 2016
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    Noah from Kanto. Any algo just separate the fake from the real users. Real users use socials randomly.
    Just be as random and user-like as possible.
  3. mjdsocial

    mjdsocial Regular Member

    Jul 29, 2016
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    1. Yes. Take a break every 3-4 days alternating days. Changing times is also good. It's all about appearing as a real user.
    2. Straight back into it. No need to scale back up.
    3. Doesnt matter. Id unfollow for a few days then follow then unfollow some more. Be random.
  4. Berner

    Berner Junior Member

    Sep 17, 2015
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    I agree with all the other comments here so far.

    They main key is to complete actions as human-like as possible.

    If you follow 250 people (10/hour) and then you un-follow 250 people (10/hour) it becomes a distinguishable pattern thus making you look like a robot.

    Instead follow 226 people (14/hour, change to 8/hour, then 24/hour), then un-follow in the same fashion.

    Its not recommended to un-follow right after you finish following, Wait a few hours first. Instagram is well aware of the Follow/Un-Follow method to gain followers. They are also aware thats a very common method with automatic instagram management software. So be human like.

    Disclaimer These numbers are completely random to explain the logic. You can choose to follow and un-follow more or less users at a time. This is up to you, and if you think its safe to do. Every Instagram account is different. The age of the account will make a difference, the network the account is logged in through will make a difference, and the amount of actions you preform at the same time will lower your limits.