3 MNS, 4 FB accounts, 5 Twitter accounts, 2 android apps.. what next?

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    Jan 7, 2014
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    actually, this is what i have:

    -I bought 3 MNS with 2 articles 400 and 700/w each with low SEO competition, 1000+ monthly searches and cpc 1.5$+
    -I got 4 facebook accounts and joined 122 groups (more then 1000+ users each group) with all of them total
    -twitter 5 accounts followed by 258 users total
    -I got 2 android apps one got 120~ new users daily and 1200~ unique users every day (same niche as one of the mns)
    -I open for each mns a facebook page (0 likes haven't promote them yet)
    -5 youtube accounts with no videos

    My plans:
    -rank the MNS sites by myself or by using one of the service here in BHW and start getting backlinks
    -get likes for the fb pages from BHW service
    -start promote the sites in fb groups
    -get more articles to the site by bhw service (english is not my mother language so its hard for me to write content)
    -add link from android app to mns

    -the micro niche sites i bought targeting one keyword, should i target more keywords?
    -what do you think should i do to start see results?
    -which seo service do you recommend to choose for start?

    Thanks in advance and sry for my english :cool: