2Downloadz.com PPD from 5$ to 20$ per 1000 Downloads & 20% sales & 25% referrals Earnings

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    2 d o w n l o a d z

    Hello All Members

    I would like to introduce you a new PPD revenue share program (2Downloadz)

    2downloadz.kom (replace k with c)

    payments are weekly

    single , multi and remote upload with 1 GB file size

    PPD rates and rules :

    You will get from 5$ to 20$ for every 1000 downloads you get depending on file size & downloader country

    Check the Earn Money page on the site

    2downloadz.kom (replace k with c)

    You can track downloads for every file you uploaded & downloads from every country class and their corresponding earnings in your account page.

    Country Classes ::

    Class A :

    United states , United Kingdom , Canada

    Class B :

    Switzerland , Sweden , Singapore , Denmark

    Class C :

    Netherlands , Germany , Czech Republic , Qatar , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Portugal , Belgium , South Africa , Australia

    Class D :

    All other countries.

    Plus you will get 20% commission on premiums which is purchased through your download links
    (it remains 5 hours from the user last visit to your download link)

    Plus you will get 25% of what your referrals earned from the PPD system continuously
    (every time they are paid you will get 25% of what they earned from PPD system automatically)

    Rules :

    Cracks & keygen files are not allowed.
    Adult and sexual oriented contents are not allowed.

    For DMCA files :
    In case we are reported by copyright owner or a representative then we have to stop the requested file from public download.

    Thanks & Good luck for all​