28 year old fatso looking for advice on automating his 10 hours of work a day

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    Sup guys!

    Need some help from the pros here. But might be a good post for newbies

    So i've been tinkling around with Internet Marketing for quite sometime now. I reckon a year or so. And i've finally found a traffic generation formula that works for me. I've been using the same formula day in day out for the past 1 month. The problem is it's 80% manual so i do a hard 10 hours of work sitting in front of my PC 5 days a week. Yeah yeah i know how can 10 hours of sitting down be hard. But you won't understand till you do it. It gets so monotonoussssssss arghhh. I'm banking decent cash but i'd like to free up my time to try other parts of internet marketing i.e. other traffic generation methods, my own product, email marketing and optimizing conversion.

    Anyways my formula's made up of 3 elements. Forums, article marketing and facebook. When you do a good job with forums and article directories, naturally SEO happens. But of course i optimise for my long tail keywords. But now and then i'll go on fiverr for xrummer and scrapebox services. The process is as such from the time i wake up to the time i go to sleep.

    1. Spam other fan pages
    2. Post on my own fan page wall
    3. Send related content to my fans with 'tell your fans"
    4. Write an article on squidoo and hubpages <--- i monetize and SEO on these
    5. write an article for ezines and goarticles <--- i'm hoping to become an expert on my niche in the next 3 months.
    6. Shorten and spin the articles i write for squidoo and hubpages using ARTICLE MARKETING ROBOT blasting them to article sites and have them link back to my squidoo and hub.
    7. Bookmark articles from 3 days ago with onlywire
    8. log on to my 10 facebook profiles and add friends from there. check notifications and just make it look natural with wall posts and all
    9. Go on my 30 forums and start replying popular threads with my sig below and replying on my own threads
    10. RSS articles from 3 days ago
    11. Go to pingfarm and ping the shit out of allll my links
    12. Do some keyword research
    13. eat, shit and sleep in that order

    Now this is on a good day. Normally there will be some hiccups so i delay some of the steps especially the article writing part.

    Everything else links back to my squid and hub and its where i put in my affiliate links. I collect emails as well with aweber. I'm currently promoting 5 CB products within the same niche that cater to different sub niches.

    So now i'm hoping some of you pros might have automation ideas to share. I'm currently using article marketing robot, aweber.com, onlywire.com, pingfarm.com and bulkping.com<-- for RSS. But even with pingfarm i'm not getting all my backlinks indexed. Everything else is manual. The worse part about all this is coming up with content for facebook, article directories, forums and the manual copy pasta routine i go through all day.

    I've tried article writing services but they can't give me what i want. <-- do recommend if you of anyone who can write really compelling articles that are less informational and more actionable.

    I'm not sure what i'm looking for since i don't really know what types of tools there are out there.

    As for the newbies, the steps i take are solid steps that cannot go wrong. Seriously after having been in IM for a year .... THERE ARE NO 7 CLICK WONDERS TO BECOMING AN INTERNET MILLIONARE.

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    You could try textbroker for better articles, although you are going to pay more for quality ofcourse.
    Also instead of pingfarm you could try linkilicous to get backlinks indexed (as well as linkfarm)
    Try winautomation (from downloads section) to create macros in windows and zennoposter for creating web based macros.
    As for forum replies, keyword research or anything that needs to be done by a human, you can only really outsource that.
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    It all depends on how much money your making. The obvious thing to do if it's profitable and replicatable is to outsource all the manual stuff. As long as you can make more than the 400-500 dollars an outsourcer will cost you you're going to be ahead. With more cash you can then spend it on tools to increase your ROI even more.