$25/HR for GSA SER tutoring + $100 Bonus

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    Jun 12, 2013
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    I have a website and a key phrase I want to rank for (low competition, ~10,000 EM searches/month). My goal is to rank my site as one of the top results for that key phrase using GSA SER.

    What I need is someone experienced with all the facets of GSA SER and SEO in general to show me the ropes. I want to perform all the actions myself but receive advice (both on the technical aspects of GSA SER and on effective SEO) from an experienced user. The goal throughout this learning process should be to get my website on the 1st page for the given search phrase (which will validate both GSA SER and your techniques).

    Compensation: I am willing to pay $25/hr of tutoring/consulting via Skype. Lessons will be scheduled on an as-needed basis dispersed over a 2 month period. If at the end of two months my site is among the top five results for the given search phrase, a bonus of $100 will be awarded.

    PM me w. your Skype address if interested.

    Machinery :cool: