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Apr 9, 2018
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It's been months since my last upvote giveaway. Big things have happened again for my Reddit business and to celebrate I think I'll do another quick giveaway.

I'll probably only do a few posts, not sure yet-- depends on how things develop

- 50+ BHW posts (The reasoning of this is to limit those who win to those making an effort to contribute to the forum).
- 25+ Reaction Score
- Comment below "Count me in" in your favorite color (if your favorite color is the default color, please clarify this). If you do not do this you will not qualify for upvotes
- 25 Upvotes per BHW member
- PM me the link to the post you would like upvotes on, delivery will take place during normal American business hours. I am not worried enough about your business to pm you, this is your responsibility.
- Do NOT send multiple links. 1 Link is allowed per member.
- I will only send you votes if you PM me and reach the requirements clarified above.
Awesome dude and delivered really quickly! Was very nice and polite as well, ill consider joining his discord and using his service
Received 25 upvotes!

2 Min TAT - and a very decent price - will def pay for this service
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