25 days on Tumblr = 1000 followers

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    Hello Black hat world,
    first of all, I am a noob in regards to almost everything discussed on in forums. It literally took me 10 days to find out what PR stands for :/ However, I think I have been quite successful on Tumblr and wanted to know how I can improve further.

    I have a blog in the niche "cats". I started 25 days ago and upload on average 2 pictures a day with appropriate tags. I get around 150 notes per pictures and 40ish new followers a day(more on Sundays). Since a few days, I started liking others and even reblogged a few pictures, however I dont like doing that as it takes time and I didnt see much of an increase in the followers. My most successful picture was uploaded yesterday and has 4k notes atm, still getting new notes every few minutes though.
    EDIT: I follow 0 people

    So that should cover the basics^^ Now, I read all about this PR and how to make your blog more prominent to get more followers. I indexed my blog in google and bing, however I am not ranked in google yet? How long does that usually take?
    What other advice can you give me to get new followers?

    If anyone took the time to read and answer, thanks a lot in advance!
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    Please Pray For My DAD
    If you want you can purchase a PR2 blog and use it with your current blogs and monetize it once it has decent amount of followers.
    If you want reblogs,like s on tagword's you can use tompot's tumblr blog or if your budget is high you can also go for xtumble.
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    Personally, I would just get a bot and start using liking/following. It'll definitely increase your followers faster. I also wouldn't worry about the google traffic since all your traffic is going to be in tumblr only just my opinion.
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    wow how did yo get so many notes
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    Probably his posts got on search page, or some bigger accounts reblogged him.

    Either way, OP you can gain more followers if you follow others. Follow others that reblogged/liked posts in your niche.
    As your follow base will grow, you will see that it grows exponential. So the start is a bit harder/slower.