[2024 METHOD] $10K+ per Month – So Easy It’s Stupid! DM Dollars!

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Feb 14, 2023
Hi BlackHatWorld!

I'm selling a hybrid CPA method that enables you to consistently earn commissions from high-ticket products. It's versatile, compatible with virtually every CPA network, and includes a traffic generation strategy to ensure you never miss out on commission opportunities (no paid ads). The deliverable: an 11-page PDF guide outlining the method. It includes comprehensive instructions on execution, the traffic source, and real-life examples demonstrating commission generation.

Check out the video below for more details.

Price: $99 [crypto only]

To order, message me on Telegram at @dmdollarsbhw or send me a PM here. I accept all forms of crypto.

Refund policy: All sales are final. Due to the nature of the product, refunds cannot be provided. Once you've accessed the information, it cannot be returned or removed from your knowledge. This policy is in place to prevent fraudulent claims and to maintain the integrity of the method by avoiding oversaturation. Thank you for your understanding.
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Bought the method. Here's what I think:

It's a clever and sensible way to approach affiliate/CPA marketing. Also WH. Takes manual work but can easily be outsourced to VAs.

I can't say it's 100% new but if you have some extra cash and/or are 100% committed to making it work, it's a worthwhile investment.

Purchased through Telagram. OP answered all my questions promptly which I appreciated.

This method is amazing, truly the real deal. I understand exactly what I need to do to make it work after only reading it once, and although some work is required in the beginning (like any method), I can see how this can be repeated for some serious cash. This is something that makes you go "why didn't I think of this myself".

I'd like to let everybody know that the 3 discounted copies have sold out.

I am still accepting full price orders at this time. Either PM me or message me on Telegram.

Thank you for your understanding.
This is my short review, I purchased it for full price, with no discount or review copy.

The review will be short because the method was boring and full with fluff and long written sentences and huge font size.

There is no absolute chance you can earn $10k/m in profit with this, there is no payment/revenue proof included either, that youtube video is bullshit, and there is no visible correlation between video and the method.

Although this might be automated to perhaps one day reach that 10k/m milestone, the method won't include a single piece of advice on how you could do that.

The method includes sending links in platforms where it ain't so easy to send links, OP doesn't give hints about cloaking or how to bypass antispam measures.

OP sounds responsive and is interested in helping out if you have any questions, so that's a good thing.

The price isn't reasonable either, this should cost $10-15. I'm not sure how this went through marketplace review as the claim in the title is quite unrealistic.

You can proooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbably earn something in longer periods of time if you really invest grunt work in it and grind like madman but I would expect you to be taken down by the social you will be abusing by sending links in DMs.

I didn't like it, sorry OP.

Overall solid 4/10.
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