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    Ok so I'm over 200 posts now, but want to give back. BHW is so cool and is helping my sites grow leaps and bounds. Here is a trick that gets me to the top of Google. I have a lot of friends here and I'm glad to share this one of many simple methods to get on the first page of Google and in the top 1 million websites.

    1). Do a Google search for your keyword.
    2). Take note of all 10 websites on the first page that comes up, because you will be doing this with each one of them.
    3). Go to alexa.com
    4). put the first competitors website in.
    5). Click on get details.
    6). Notice top queries from search traffic.
    7). Click on view complete search queries.
    8). Tag the top 3 search queries from each site of the top ten in Google that come up for your keyword. Don't worry or care if it's a term that is site specific to their site, just stuff the keyword in one of your articles randomly five times and tag it.
    9). Do this for all ten websites on the first page and make sure to back link to each page that you have done this to.
    10). If you do your homework and backlink these pages manually to a few PR 5 websites or higher there is a good chance that you will be right up there on the page you did a search for.
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