200th Post.. How I put a couple methods together, just an example..

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    First, I took the member YouTube's method.

    "Make $200-500 A Day on Youtube
    This is a method i figured out to make $200-500 a day on youtube. It is similar to havokb8's "Using Nude Celebrities To Get Email/Zip Submit Conversions - Make $$$" Thread.

    "First i make a video with the title saying something like "Angelina Jolie Naked Pictures Leaked Online."

    In the video i add a few hot pictures of Angelina Jolie, at the end of the video i write "see the pictures I'm not allowed to add on youtube at www.mysite.com" I add the same in the description."

    It seemed a litte bit too simple, so I'm lazy and remembered there was another youtube template..

    I included this in the .rar file in the download link.. I also included a readme file with something you could use to change it to be a little bit more incentive, locked links.

    But, my internets too slow to be uploading vids all day long so I decided to just make a short example on how to take a couple things and put them together for people who still can't figure it out..

    I included the website I used to get the videos in a .txt file, for you to use, I did begin to test this but decided to not continue for something else. I also included the files you need just edit your links into the files. I also included the double meta refresh generator provided here if you'd rather use that instead of what I gave you.

    A Thanks be cool if you use it


    ps. this is just an example, i didnt test it for long enough to see if it worked or use enough videos.
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    Dark Side Of The Moon
    Great package!!

    Thanx for this quality 200th post.