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2009 Online Black Hat Success Guide

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by ericmedem, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. ericmedem

    ericmedem Newbie

    Dec 17, 2008
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    Here are my rules for online success in 2009...

    1. Minimize negative hype about "How bad things are"-Give me a frickin break. Our money cannot just vanish...All it's doing is changing hands.

    If put 10 dimes in a jar and shake up the jar, where once there may have been 3 dimes, after shaking there may be none.....But the money is still in the jar!

    2. Adapt to the environment- Right now thousands of people are making it big online....If your not...It's cause you suck!

    3. Money loves action- Do me a favor....I promise it will just take a second. Go to your kitchen and grab a spoon.


    Get your spoon

    1. Take the spoon and set it in the middle of your dining room table.....

    2. Now try to move the spoon by THINKING about moving it...

    3. Give it 30 minutes...Think hard!

    4. Now stand up and put the spoon back in the drawer.

    You may have noticed....Unless your some sort of psychic freak....The spoon didn't move when you tried to "THINK" it into moving.

    I know for a fact you DIDN'T last 30 minutes trying to "THINK" the spoon into moving.

    I bet you didn't even try.....Why waste your time right?

    So why in the heck have you been trying to:

    "Think about making a product"

    "Think about building a website"

    "Think about doing some shit with adwords"

    "Think about making some good content"

    You wouldn't spend 10 seconds trying to "THINK" a spoon into moving....But you've wasted a lifetime "THINKING" about doing things that will change your life....

    This was supposed to be a way longer list of tips....But, honestly I'm already too pissed off to continue.....STOP THINKING, START DOING......

    Are you fat and unhealthy? Shut your mouth and go for a walk....It's not rocket science.

    Are you broke and ugly....Educate yourself and get some surgery...If you can't afford to educate yourself then walk your ugly self to the library and read.

    Are you unhappy at your job, so you've been a punk to your Family..... Educate yourself...Get a job you like.....And pay attention to the only thing good in your life (YOUR FAMILY)

    No.... none of these changes will happen overnight....But they sure as hell won't happen by "THINKING" about doing them.

    Sorry if this was harsh, rude, or made you sad.....It was written with the best intentions.....

    GOD Or Whoever you believe in.....DIDN"T INTEND FOR YOU TO BE A PAPERWEIGHT....

    good luck
  2. gilby1

    gilby1 Registered Member

    Feb 1, 2009
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    Small Business Owner Full-time, Internet Marketer
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    This is nothing new...
    I have heard this over and over and over...
    The message is being nailed hard into my brain... Exactly where I have to nail it...
    Well, let's go to work it out then....I also want 2009 to be a successful year in my IM venture...

  3. biks

    biks Power Member

    Oct 28, 2008
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    Video editor, graphics guy
    What if you're fat, unhealthy, broke, ugly, beaten by your family and in a coma?

    Wouldn't you make a descent paperweight?

    note the -> :)
  4. kg21

    kg21 Guest

    Do they charge human paperweight by the pound or the hour? :confused::):)

    Good post to keep remind the us how many opportunities are out there..
  5. ukescuba

    ukescuba Senior Member

    Feb 24, 2008
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    Mobile Marketer & QR Code Junkie
    San Antonio, TX
    if i got the spoon to move then what??? lol

    jkg no we alll need motivation from time to time, your right you aint gonna make money thinking about it... take action action action! :)