200 youtube accounts i want to exchange

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    Hey guys, Just to let everyone know i'll be posting the tutorial on how to use TUBEROBO properly the right way, so it won't go crashing on you first thing tommorow. I also wanted to ask if anyone is interested in 200 youtube accounts. If you are then please message me, It's not really a matter of money. More like an exchange for something you might have that I don't. Just pm me if you want to know more. I'll be glad to give my msn there.

    has anyone been to tubeg3 lately? I wonder what happened to their "tubeblazer" as it no longer shows, once again I feel sorry for all the people on the forum who are scammed, as the forum is now dead XD, and he appears to be selling what can give you 10,000 views in one day, BUT ITS 20 BUCKS!?? i call SCAM.
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