$200 to invest got scrapebox need advice

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    After a long time reading on this site. I feel that I am nearly ready to stop reading and start putting pen to paper so to speak. So I went ahead and forced myself to buy scrape box. But I am in two minds of which way to go from here.

    My first plan.

    Project: One big anime site

    I have always been an anime buff and I watch it religiously, so, I was thinking of putting in a few weeks worth of work and having every single show that's ever been aired in their entirety on one huge wordpress site.

    To promote this site I would have about 5 domains that were anime related and scrapebox spam them to no end. Each site would then either redirect to my main or be covered in links to my main. Thus preventing the "inevitable noob at scrapebox, google slap k.o"

    As for the number one agenda - Profit -

    I would have affiliate offers from watch movies on your tv ect. type sites. as I don't think the big G appreciates or allows anime streaming websites to have adsense. Which then brings me on to my next plan.

    Second Plan

    Project: Make niche wordpress blogs with spun articles until my fingers bleed.

    I have seen a lot of talk here on the forum about people making $x amount daily with adsense on autopilot. This is the internet cash cow ideal in my opinion. Work hard for a few months and then sit back and watch the money roll in. Sounds perfect.

    1. I will make as many sites as I can afford to do. I will start with lets say ten.
    2. I will take articles from ezine articles and the like.
    3. Spin them and post to each of the ten niche sites adding at least one daily
    4. I use scrapebox sparingly on each of the sites daily as to not invoke the hand of google.
    5. After sites start seeing decent traffic then I will add adsense
    6. Hopefully.... PROFIT???????
    7. Rinse and repeat once each site is seeing a steady $3-5 per day
    8. Keep going until I have enough to be making about $100-$200 per day

    Which would you do and why?

    Any advice and criticism is warmly welcomed

    Thanks BHW
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    number 2.. because number does sound like it could be more money but it doesnt always work, and it will be hard for it to get big. as for number 2.. im sure u have seen many posts of how many people are doing good doing so.. good luck!
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