20$ Via paypal if you can make me a succesfull SEO Map


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Oct 9, 2009
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I Need a successfull SEO map, I am willing to pay 20$ via paypal for a detailed map.
I need to rank highly for 3 keywords, they have this many search results:

I want it to be a greyhat type thing. I have 1,500$ to invest in this. (already invest 1k in the making of the website)

I am considering purchasing xrumer right now.

If you can make me a detailed map of how I can succesfull accomplish this I will pay 20$ via paypal.(if this is against the rules i aplogize and will delete this thread asap)

If you have any questions please ask!
If you want you can outsource all your SEO to me I will do it for 3/4 th of what you are willing to invest . PM me if you are interested.
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