20 TV Companies Cooperated with BitTorrent

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    The recent commercial claimed that the future is bright, and it seems now that the future is an online TV sets. 20 TV manufacturers have concluded a deal with BitTorrent in order to let their users stream both legal and illegal video files, all at the push of a remote controller button. :eek:

    BitTorrent?s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Klinker, confirmed that the company closed a deal with a least 20 TV makers. As such, the new TV sets will be made compatible with BitTorrent and can be released as soon as this holiday season throughout Europe and Asia. However, users may not see them as much in the United States, because its market already has TV manufacturers signed with such streaming services as Netflix and Hulu.

    BitTorrent also emphasized that there are around 2,000,000 titles of legitimate content found on its networks, including books, films, and music, but cannot estimate the amount of illegal content available there. It?s like asking Google how much pornography there is online.
    Last year a blog post announced that BitTorrent Inc. has signed a deal with Vestel ? a Turkish TV manufacturer. Earlier, BitTorrent?s applications accounted for 40% of the overall Internet traffic, but once the portals such as Netflix or Hulu kick-started, this figure started to decline. Experts predict that BitTorrent?s traffic share will decrease to 10% in 2 years.

    Anyway, internet users are still hyped about the news, as well as the industry experts. Some of them even claim that this may be the best Christmas gift ever. Still, it is unclear whether this deal will increase piracy or open new doors towards legal revenues.
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