20 Strategies To Flood Your Website With One Way Backlinks [N00b Friendly]

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    If you want to increase your traffic to your website from search engnines,
    then tons of backlinks are the key to your success.

    Here are 20 ways to get more backlinks to your website.

    Scoping Out The Competition?s Backlinks
    Use the following search engine to figure out what
    backlinks are going to any site, whether it is your own or the
    Offer Rss Feeds
    If you have constantly updating content, you can attract people who are
    searching the web for it quite easily. Just offer an RSS feed that puts it
    all in one place for them. People take multiple RSS feeds and are able
    to read and search them in an RSS feed reader.

    Press Releases
    If you?ve done something noteworthy, don?t forget to toot your own
    horn. Send out press released with a backlink embedded back to your
    site. This offers you valuable publicity and keeps you front and center
    in the public?s eye.

    Lateral Linking
    There are myriads of social networking sites out there that will allow
    you to add some lateral backlinks to your site. Facebook and Myspace are great sites for networking and there?s nothing wrong with discretely putting a backlink in your profile.

    Directory Submission
    This directory is for an informational listing and won?t allow
    promotional listings.
    This directory listing offers direct links with no Javascript. They also
    claim a fast review and inclusion time. It is located here:
    This directory offers both free and paid listings. The backlog is six
    months for a free listing and there is no guarantee it will be listed.
    This site is a great resource of people tagging and indexing different
    websites to build their own cloud lists or bookmark files. Make sure
    your website is included and add it to your own category list with all
    the appropriate indexes.
    Join Your Chamber Of Commerce
    The Chamber of Commerce isn?t just a great resource for brick-and-
    mortar entrepreneurs. You can also get involved and see if you can get
    a link on their site back to your business website.

    Join The Better Business Bureau
    This is a great way to get a good backlink from a PR7 site.
    You want to cultivate a good relationship with your customers and be
    attentive to feedback from the Better Business Bureau.

    Find An Open Guestbook
    Most webmasters are well aware that people love spamming their
    guestbooks for a backlink. However, you can still find some older,
    good PageRank sites that have open guestbooks.

    Try Your Local Library
    It may seem very odd to get a link to your local library?s website, but
    if you think about it they offer many community services. Find some way to get a backlink by helping your library to provide services to the community.

    Give Wisely
    Trying to figure out where to put your donation dollars this year? How
    about a non-profit that gives your business a backlink for your

    Write Controversial Content
    If you haven?t figure out how to get attention, choose a controversial
    topic! If you get a good controversy going, people will line up to link to that content and discuss it all over the web.

    Top 10, High 5, 7 Best Tips
    You write a numbers list, whether
    with a humorous or business tone, and post it on your website. If it
    appears to be relevant to some forums and blogs online, you can link
    back to it in the comments section.

    Blog Tipping
    This is a practice of finding someone?s blog and then giving them
    compliments. If they?re flattered, they might link back to
    your blog to show off how highly other people think of them.

    Be A Guest Blogger
    If you really are dying to give your content away and don?t mind
    working hard for the backlink, you can offer to be a guest blogger. The
    key is to target blogs with high PageRank and avoid making the offer
    on blogs that aren?t worth it.

    Rope In Your Friends And Neighbors
    If someone you know has a site worth linking to, you can always see if
    they?re willing to give, trade, or sell a backlink to you.

    Offer Freebies
    If you have a free ebook, free report, or free music
    download, you can start promoting on relevant bulletin boards or blogs
    and get some backlinks this way.

    Do Interviews
    If you find a great PageRank site with some professionals or gurus
    that are trying to get the word out about there information, you can do an
    interview and post it on your site.

    Write Testimonials
    If you?ve bought the products or services of a particular site, you can
    leave a testimonial sometimes. Your testimonial may end up on the front page of the sales letter with your link back.

    Do Ask
    Lastly, don?t be shy. If you want a link on a particular website, it
    doesn?t hurt to ask. All they can say is ?no.? Maybe you have
    something to offer the webmaster that you don?t even know about.

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