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    Nov 25, 2013
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    I have the online shop with approximately 6000 products (furniture). For one of the shop categories (say, bedroom furniture) we've made completely new site on a separate domain (it's more convenient in terms of marketing, usability etc.) and copied about 1500 products there from the main site.

    In order to duplicate these products properly we've put rel canonical for the product pages on main site reffering to the appropriate product pages on the new site.

    We are going to do promotion for all the category keywords (i.e. "bedroom furniture") reffering to the new website. We've already optimized the structure and started linkbuilding. The important thing is that category pages on these sites are different - they have different url key and unique content.

    Considering the fact that product content is the same at the both sites and main site having rel canonical, is it possible to promote both websites with the same keywords at the same time? Will this have any results in Google?

    Also note that competition in the market is not tough so it's relatively ok theme for promotion.
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    So are you going to abandon the previous site entirely or keep both of them functioning?