2 techniques put in to 1 very easy to use and written by me!

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    Ok, firstly i had great anticipation if to release this tutorial or not but at the end of the day this is the great forum of all time so have fun reading it and learn a thing or 2 about the internet and how easy it actually is.

    You will not make 1000s of dollars per day but you will earn at least 50 dollars per day depending on how long you work on this technique. It can go in to the 100s of dollars per day but as i said you have to actually work for this. They is no simple way to get rich fast.

    Ok, we need to setup a hotmail (we may need 2 but only setup 1 and i'll explain what the 2nd 1 can be used for later in the tutorial)
    Make sure it is [email protected] so make sure the name is a girls name.

    Now that you have set up your Hotmail account.

    Now pick which dating site you want to advertise and which rates are better. Make sure they are not a scam as well.

    I am currently using the affiliation on alt.com.
    You can pick a different type of offer though but people will only seem to signup for dating sites or personals sites.

    You may want to mask the url by ***********

    Now we've done that time to get bomb load of people to add you :)

    That chat room works the best but you can try other chat rooms. You could try Irc as well and guestbooks the options are wide.

    Just copy and past this 18/f/ With web*cam extremely Horn*y @hot*mail.co*m but don't forget to add your own hotmail address :)

    I have added * because of the filters on some chat rooms.

    Ok, when they add you simply tell them that you are promoting your friends site and they must sign up for you to go on webcam, also use words like hun and babe etc.

    How to make money with games but the same technique.

    Ok, now make another Hotmail account but make it as short as possible, still make it as girlie as possible though.

    Now chose a game any game which is online will do.
    p2p games work best, most games come with a trial so no need to worry.
    Now that you have chosen a game to promote on simple tell people that your parents have gone out and you want some fun and then give them your email address, if they have a public chat put it on the public chat. But if they don't then don't worry just go to a good spot where a lot of people are.

    Now you have accomplished that you can promote your url to this list as well :)

    Have fun reading :)

    By Anthony Cope

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