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    I rank for a brand keyword for the affiliate I promote

    lets say "etech", there is a website that rank in 2 spot

    spot 1: etech.com (is the brand site I promote like affiliate)
    spot 2: etech.com/mob

    etech.com is mobile optimized

    etech.com/mob is only mobile version of the site with just the main pages.

    As far I can see I dont see backlinks pointed to this page

    I rank 3-4 for "etech".

    case 2)

    another program I promote as affiliate:

    1st spot is the brand site

    2nd and 3rd spot same case like above


    and hotclub.com/mobile-hotclub

    in this case this is an affiliate like me

    here he has the site mobile optimized, but look like the only difference is that he optimized the page SEO for mobile hot club.

    I see backlings pointed to this page.

    Anybody has experience on this sort of things.

    I can rank my websites for all the terms I want I cant repeat what they are doing.