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    1: what % of links from pbns to $ site should go to home page and what % should go to other pages

    2: lets say I have 5 pbns. If on the first 3 articles on the 5 pbns i make articles linking out to authority sites and on one of the articles i link to MONEYSITE1 ... would that leave a footprint.

    i guess i feel it would look more natural to have pbn1 link out to moneysite1... and then a few articles later link out to moneysite 2... etc... and then on pbn2 in the first few articles link out to moneysite 3... and then a few articles later link out to moneysite1 etc....

    i have link out to moneysite1 in the first 3-4 articles on pbn1-5 would that look fishy?
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    There isn't a definite percentage of links going to home page vs inner pages, but I tend to stick to 60% homepage, and 40% inner pages, but it'll vary of course.

    Along with that, I wouldn't have more than one article linking to a specific money site per PBN website. You can link to different money sites but don't have multiple posts on a site going to one money site.