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    I need some serious help bhw, because I have two essays due tomorrow and I'm working on one right now. One 10 page paper and 4 page paper. I'm working on the 10 page one now but will not have time to do the other. Information on the 4 paper one; it's a research paper on The Great Gatsby. I'm willing to pay whoever can do it :) !
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    piece of cake

    for all your essays go to elrincondelvago dot com (the lazy guy corner) and input the term in the search box, your search will come up in english:


    GATSBY: He is a very rich and mysterious man. He's very famous for his parties. Gatsby is the Nick's neighbour. He always helps his darling Daisy.

    NICK: He explains this story. He's a young man. He belongs to a well-known from the middle west.

    DAISY: She was the Gatsby's ideal love. She is Nick's cousin and she is unhappy with her husband, Tom.

    TOM: He is the married to Daisy. He's rich and he like travel. He's a sportive man. He's between his wife and his mistress.

    MISS MYRTLE WILSON: She's Tom's mistress. She is married to mister Wilson.

    MISTER WILSON: He is a mechanic and he is Myrtle's husband.

    MISS JORDAN BAKER: She is a very famous golf player. She is Daisy and Gatsby's friend. She is Nick's lover for a short time.


    OH! I don't know what to say.

    I usually like reading love stories. That's why I bought this book.

    I think all the love stories are very very nice and great.

    I believe in an ideal love Gatsby feel for Daisy and I didn't like the Daisy's falsehood. She don't say anybody the truth about Miss Wilson's death and about his love for Gatsby. If she really had loved him she wouldn't let he was accused of sometimes he didn't do she is a coward and a liar.


    Nick Carraway was born in a big city in the middle west. When he came back from the war, he decides to go east, to Egg, next to New York. He was tired of living in the middle west and he wanted to have a change in his life. He moved to a big house and he noticed that his neighbour was an important person from the high society. But he didn't know anything else about who was he:

    One day Nick had an invitation from his cousin Daisy to have lunch at her home. There he met Jordan Baker. That day Nick knew had a mistress and Daisy was very unhappy. Tom's mistress was Myrtle Wilson. She was a mechanic's wife. The mechanic who usually repaired Tom's car.

    A few days later Nick received an invitation at Gatsby's parties but anybody knew him. Nick met Gatsby and after that he asked Jordan about him she explained that Gatsby had been deeply inlove with Daisy for a long time but he had to go to war and then she married Tom.

    The next day Gatsby asked Nick to invite Daisy because he wants to talk to her.

    Daisy and Gatsby joined and they look very happy together Gatsby invited Daisy to a party and she decided to go with Tom. Then realised Gatsby was in love with his wife.

    Some days later Gatsby, Nick and miss Jordan were invited to Tom an Daisy's home. There, Gatsby declared his love for Daisy and their plans to be together. The situation was so tense than they decided to go for walk in his yellow car.

    That day Mister Wilson knew his wife had a lover and he lock down her room. She ran out the road and she was knocked down by the yellow car. She instantly died. Later, Tom went to see he with Nick and Jordan and they saw than miss Wilson was died. They heard people talk about a yellow car. When Tom knew had happened said Gatsby was the owner of the yellow car, and acused him to be Mrs Wilson's lover.

    Mister Wilson killed Gatsby while he was in the swimming pool.

    Nick was the only who knew the true story, Daisy was who drove the car.


    Fitzgerald, Francis Scott

    He was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota 1896. His novels described how young people from the American high society felt after the Great War. They wanted to have a lot of money and this was very easy at that moment. Many people became rich very quickly .

    His heroes enjoyed the luxury and suffered with impossible love affairs. They were romantic and miserable.

    - He wrote ?This side of Paradise? (1920)

    - ? There beautiful and the Dammed? (1921)

    - ? Tales of the Jazz Age? (1922)

    - ? The vegetable? (1923)

    - In the 1925 ? The great Gatsby ? became his most important work.

    - After that, his novels were unsuccessful so he decided to go to Hollywood and he worked as a scriptwriter until his death in 1940.

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    Martin Luther King avatar, and offering to pay someone to write his research papers for him.
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    Full time student at LSU and I have a job, sometimes you lose track of time. MLK avatar because it show me everyday how far we came. I'm on my way to a wonderful future with or without IM. One essay dude, I could careless what you have to say lol.
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    Please stay on topic!!!