2 of my friends got shot

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    story: http://www.mercurynews.com/crime-courts/ci_20393795/west-san-jose-gang-shooting-stabbing-injures-3

    Yea, i live in a real fucked up area... anyway here is the story.

    The shooting happened on 04/12/2012, Two of my not so close friends got shot. The cops asked people for 2 days if they saw/heard anything... well when i say ask i mean they beat up most of the illegal mexicans and arrested every 14-17 year old with a lighter/knife... after those 2 days on 04/16/2012 they stopped coming around asking questions. Just a couple days ago i get stopped by a cop and he asks me about the shooting. I tell him i know nothing and could care less. So the cop asks me what i know about the VST gang and im like "I know they are mexican"... so then he asks me if i know anybody named "sparky" and if i know what he looks like or where he hangs out... im like "im black i dont hang with those mexican guys" :p

    Anyway to the point... i walked away from the pig FINALLY, got on my phone & facebook searched the name "sparky" and within 2 min i found the shooter's address and picture... I guess they dont know how to make a facebook private o_O


    ... Do cops just not care anymore or are they just retarded now? I thought they had trained teams for this kind of shit. Im so glad im moving away from this fucked up place >_<

    And the fucked up thing is that they have the name sparky... they have fingerprints on the weapon... and i saw this fucker at 7-11 the other day -_____- I guess the sjpd just dont give a fuck anymore.
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