2 many good seo providers on these forums..who has actually converted on sales?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by kinglogan, Jan 22, 2014.

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    ok im at 2 road blocks here..

    I have a ebay store that is doing good. I want to rank my product url's under the keywords. Ive asked a few people on here..ROMan, Tommy, The alien techonology guy ,ANd they all have said they never have performed such task..Has anyone ranked a ebay url or had it ranked under the product keywords? how do i increase my success on ebay?

    Also i have a website that can potentially earn thousands a month. The issue i have is with all these great seo providers on this site, is with link builiding some links last some dont. They can get you ranked from the reviews i read, But who on this forum have used a seo provider on BHW that had an ecommerence site, and it helped generate sales?

    The only issue im having is the backlinks sticking. I hate to get ranked under a keyword, hit the 1st page, then soon after i lose my ranking. Im not afraid to try the seo providers out. I just wanna use the best one that will generate sales for products....Im also very open to the good ol fashion white hat organic rank as well.

    All seo specialists contact me as well. I need on page seo along with Seo analysis for my site. Google ad word specialists pm me as well. or add me on skype: kingj2432