$2 if you add 1 URL in your article (unlimited)

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    As you know Jonathan Leger produce a new site cash4links.com where he pays you $5 if you add 1 url with anchor text in 1 of your article.
    By the way he already close the website for any new registration.
    I am lucky to get in early.:)

    Here's the deal.
    I will share the revenue with you.
    $3 for me and $2 for you for any one approved articles that you add the url with anchor text.

    For fast action , i suggest you add it to your article that is already live in your article directory.

    There are 9 articles that are needed at the moment which you can earn $18 just for adding 1 url per article.

    Payment is on the 1st day of every month.

    Here's the article directories that are approved at the moment :

    1. EzineArticles.com
    2. ArticleDashboard.com
    3. iSnare.com
    4. Buzzle.com
    5. ArticlesFactory.com
    6. ArticleBiz.com
    7. ArticlesBase.com
    8. TheFreeLibrary.com
    9. ArticlesAlley.com

    Pm me if you are interested and ready to add links in your articles.

    If you agree , i will send you the anchor text and url and you can add it to your articles right away and then send me your articles url so that i can add it to the system.

    Url not related to your articles will be approved too.
    You need to do it fast because the funds in the account will reduce to zero after a while.
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    We're doing all the work, why the fuck would we agree to you getting the bigger cut...
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