2 Free Premium Domain Names To Help You Make Money - Contest!

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    Welcome to my 2 Free Premium Domain Contest!

    I have owned 2 domain names that never got developed;


    They are coming up on renewal Aug. 30th so I thought about selling them on Flippa, but then I said to myself;

    "You make plenty of money don't be a ninny and give the domains away for free!"

    So this free premium domain contest thread is pretty simple!

    Write in a few short sentences why I should give you the domains for FREE.

    The winner will be selected based on 2 easy criteria . . .

    #1 - The post with the most "Thanks" << I view this as a "Like" of sorts

    #2 - I get the final say so - so if your post is retarded and I don't like if (but you have the most "Thanks") then I reserve the right to override rule #1.



    If you get banned for writing something stupid and you get the most thanks you can't win!

    Once the winner is announced you will need to PM me so that I can arrange for the transfer of the domains. Either Push or Transfer key will be provided.

    *Note - domains are expiring on Aug. 30th, so you will need to be in a position to pay the registration fee for at least 1 year for this to have any kind of significance to you.

    Contest ends Friday Aug. 26th at around 12 noon CST << or around that time frame (depending on how busy I am).


    So that's it . . . .

    Tell the world why you deserve these 2 free domain names!