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    Hello, ive not been here while and come back looking for advice,

    I own a sign company in Manchester UK and this is the second one I have owned, the first i shut down in 2008, the second i opened 3 months ago fully.

    The problem is i read here about having the keyword in the domain name: so the company domain I have at the moment is called atherton media with the co . uk extension the first company was called atherton signs with the co . uk extension i still own this first domain, but what i want to know is, just having the "signs" domain pointing at the "media" one, will it do me any good, or should I open another wordpress site and do both, or do i find a way of just swapping the current one at "media" to the signs domain and ignore the media one.

    I have been reasearching SEO myself and trying to put my own articles on there and google is finding them and the site, but the hit counts are low, checking with the KPT, for the area that i'm in for my keywords result in around 1000 searches a month, but i am not sure i have got my keywords and/or keyprases right. is there any other tools that will show what competitors are using for keyphrases etc?

    I would love to sit here and read BHW all day, theres some really interesting topics and money making schemes that i may look into as i can design & build websites, and this would save me making signs for a living, and to play computers all day, just got to get round the terminology a bit more and read read read.

    thanks for any help on this