2 Beta Testers Needed


Jan 12, 2008
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I need 2 beta testers for a very powerful blackhat seo tool.

You need to:
1)Have a post count of 100 or above
2)Have at least 2 sand boxed domains you want to get out of the sand box and some domains you want on page 1 of google search for your niche
3)15 Min a day you can spend on using this product for 30 days
4)Promise to give honest feedback. Positive or negative
5)Tell me what I should add to the tool.

What you get.
A free copy of finished tool with all available options. (Retail $997) lifetime updates and maybe a couple other free copies of software
$50 paypal

Pm me and I will pick the two BEST Qualified people
Because a lot of people don't know what I'm talking about when I say sand boxed domain let's just forget that part. It's a plus if you have them. I will pick my testers today.
Interested.. count me :D I hve domains.. hosting.. experience in this field along with lots of blogs.. and ofcourse Will give a strong feedback :D
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If you still have a need fr testers please consider me. thank
Yes would love to be a BETA tester not sure of my post count but sure it's past 100? Have Pm'd
Thanks guys. I think I've made my choices. I will pm the two the details in a bit. If you were not chosen I will keep you in mind in case more testers are needed. You guys rock!!
Dang, I am always a day late and a dollar short. Waiting for the reviews on this. Can you explain the program a little more for us.

(if ya need any others please consider this ole hillbilly)
lol im later than the GF was when she was up the duff. If you want anymore testers hit me up.
please keep me in mind as a tester as well if you need more, thanks
Uh.. oh.. My post still <100
But I have some sandboxed domain
Would you mind counting me in? Thx before
Don't count me in. I don't have 100 post but I know what sandbox is

Google Sandbox is the name used to describe Google?s filter that disables quality ranking and rating of new domain names. Sandbox supposed to prevent spammers spam the search engine. Some say it?s a myth and other say it?s real but Google hasn?t officialy recognized the ?sandbox? although Matt Cutts admitted it.

So just don't count me in, I'm just not worth it :cool:
Madinaz,if you still need a tester then pm me.
Us UK guy's are always late, got to find a way to change this time difference, anyway if you still need a tester or looking for someone from the UK side of things please count me in...good luck
I am available for testing your product. I will give you honest review
I am interested in testing your product. I have multiple sandboxed domains.
If you need more beta testers or have a little bit more
Christmas spirit ( the other thread ;) ) feel free to PM me.

I'm pretty knowledgeable in programming, seo and IM and I don't ask silly questions ;)


p.s. one of my domains was getting 50 searches from google and a couple days ago google traffic dropped by 99%.
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Man i hope you guys have got a tool that will get sites out/prevent them from the Google Sandbox!! Man that thing is a pain in the arse for new sites!!
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