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$2,500 Investment - What would you do? A BH Members Only Guide!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by hootnholla, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. hootnholla

    hootnholla Junior Member

    Jul 28, 2007
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    Southern California

    I am starting this thread to gain the attention of the senior members here at BHW. Lets say I am about to invest $2,500 into a new and rewarding online business. Let's call this business method or idea Business "X". Now X is somewhat unique...or maybe it isn't, maybe it is frowned upon because of the cost of investment. Either way, it WILL give a rewarding ROI.

    So, there you are...sitting in front of your custom built super computer that probably only gets used for Warcraft, Jerkin' and BH'n. You have $2,500 in your Paypal account and nothing to do with it. It was given to you...so, you do not feel reluctant to risk it on a new business venture.

    So I must ask....

    What would you do? Where would you start? Why would you start here and not there? Why not this and why not that? Do you invest in a legit online opportunity or think outside the box with something new and refreshing? Which BH method would you choose? Would you JV or go Solo? Check all the blocks here...present them in a short but complete business plan. Only reveal what you feel comfortable revealing. Don't give away your secrets of course.

    Details, Details, Details...

    Build a short business plan, or plan of action from start to finish here...

    Some of the newer members may gain the attention of some of the senior members here. I myself am always looking for trustworthy people to JV with.

    So, Senior Members, what's your plan of action?

    JR members, new members...add your two cents..

    Let this be a detailed lesson plan or business plan. Consider this a short consolidation of a conversation with every BHW member. A REAL thread with no downloads and no flaming. A TRUE thread of Members helping Members. A thread that is wanted with out a charge of $247

    I intend to check this thread a few times a day and I hope we BH members can really come together on this.


    Ps. I do not consider myself to be a pro, or a senior member. I have been here a minute and have noticed this place really make change for the better. I hope we can continue to build this forum and grow as a community