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    Hi guys,

    I've got a spare $2,000 that I'd love to invest in some micro-niche sites, however I'd much rather create the websites myself and potentially save some money in the long-run rather than buy existing ones; although I'm not closed off to the idea if somebody knows of a quality source I can purchase them from. My question is, whilst I'm busy exploring the forum and learning, does anybody have any advice, services or recommendations that'll help me out?

    I'm pretty decent with managing websites, plugins, design and content creation, however things such as keyword research, competitor analysis and SEO (particularly for micro-niche sites) are the things that are stumping me the most.

    The overall idea for this venture is to slowly build a portfolio of sites, making around $5-$20 a day from Adsense primarily, and possibly affiliate offers if they fit. Some advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks everybody.
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    flippa is ur best bet but at the same time u are most likely to loose it over there and get scammed