$2,000 - $10,000 per closed lead.

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    To get to the point of it, for each lead sent by you that I close on our capital advisory services, you will make a minimum of $2,000, and upwards of $10,000 depending on the level of service the particular client needs.

    Also you will earn 25% of our closing fee upon successful closure of the potential clients project for capital financing. ie Client has $5,000,000 venture capital investment need, they hire us to structure the investment placement properly and take it to the capital markets. We will charge an initial $30,000 retainer of which you will make $6,000 of (20%), and then once we obtain the financing of $5M we will probably charge 4% (or $200,000) from the client at closing of which you would make 25% there as well, being $50,000. so a total of $56,000 made between our retainer fee for engagement and our closing.

    We have full corporate contracts we would issue for you to be an approved broker for us which is a simple process... basically live in the USA and be able to send a minimum of 2 deals a month. You also get access to our firms weekly radio show and many other perks if you do actually gain a strong interest in commercial and business finance you can hone your skills even further.

    I can provide more details via pm if you are interested. It is hard for me to keep up with the threads in a timely fashion so pm would work best.

    Best suited for people who have access to bulk mailing,

    Strong SEOd pages for mortgages, finance, real estate.

    People interested in learning commercial finance who can provide deal leads that I can close and speak with clients while you can learn along the way and maybe do it on your own someday.

    As far as my closing ratio when you send leads.... well let's not forget I'm not asking someone to get a trial of zit cream here. I do have to close them on a full capital advisory service with our firm that runs between $10,000 minimum and $50,000 or sometimes more. I can close a client about every 50 leads if they are good clean leads. So if you can bring in 50 good leads for cheaper than $2,000 then you will definitely make some money.

    Pay is twice a month. 1st and 15th, or first business day thereafter if it falls on a weekend. You would be considered an "affiliate finance broker" and your info is entered into our CRM so when a deal comes from you that we close we can pay directly by direct deposit wire, or overnighted cashiers check. Sorry we are a real brick and mortar finance firm, our accountants don't have a clue what pay-pal is... I'm serious about that too, they really don't.