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    I have a keyword ranked on top 4 and it has over than 2,000,000 search volume per month. The weird thing is i saw my competitor ranked on top 1 which has total estimation of 7,000,000 search volume (for several keywords). But his site only has 3,000,000 traffic monthly. Why is it so big difference? Is it because of his hosting which causing a lot of people unable to enter his site thus he is not getting desire traffic?

    My website just made it to top 4 today and i don't really think i have bad design nor not mobile responsive...all articles are about the same .But i only get 400-1200 users per day with 1k-2k page views, users stay over than 30 minutes. *which is same as competitors

    Website is not selling any services just articles.

    Other competitors are about 100,000k - 600,000k traffic per month but they ranked top 1-5 with keywords which total of estimation 3,000,000 search volume.
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    Isn't funny how actual traffic never adds up to estimated search volumes. Keep in mind you can rank #1 with offensive title text and lose all the clicks. A lot of things can effect your click through rates.