1y = $1mm

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    Yeah, I said it. One Year, One Million. That's my goal. I am too young, smart, and sexy to be as flat broke as I am. I am motivated, dedicated, agile, mostly high-style, lean, mean, high-speed, and whizzy-go-fast. There is not one single, solitary thing that somebody else can do that I can't. Mentally, I mean. I'm starting it here. Today.

    So, that's me. I picked this site to get my goal on because after a few hours of reading the public posts (Jr. VIP, here I come, look out), I figure that this group has the highest information to b.s. ratio I've seen yet. Also, I can appreciate the ruthless, up-front greed of a thing, without being outright larcenous. I get the sense that this crowd can relate to that.

    So, I'm looking forward to meeting you, getting to know you all, learning what I can, teaching what I learn, and making some loot. One year. Mark me on it.

    (As an aside: I chose the Wizard, not because I am one, but because I hope to grow into the role. I found it amusing that the avatar listed as 'Barbarian' was a pic of Sturm Brightblade, the proto-typical Paladin. Neither here nor there. Shout out to my D&D peeps!)