1st Time Site: What to do??


Dec 16, 2007
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Hi guys

Well, for starters lol I'm a student, and unfortunately I can't usually spend a long time on the internet, b/c of my schedule.

Iv'e decided to go on a larger scale, which is perhaps unrealistic for the amount of time I get to spend on this project.

But I'd like to ask your opinion. I've been buying a site, and have been paying for it so far for 3 months on a 1-year contract. The site is: http://financize.net

You'll probably think it's kindof sketchy, but please remember this is the very first time I've done something like this.

Right, back to your opinion. lol.. what do you think? the idea for the site was to be half-informative for others, half-monetizing for me. I'm writing, & getting reviews from other people for the "fast money" section, where there will be aff links to, well, 'fast money making' sites (for the people w/ absolutely no time whatsoever on their hands.. lol you know what I mean).

For the other, longterm finance link, I've thought of putting in some SEO tactics, ect., (this area is still a bit fuzzy to me as to what I'm going to do with it..) I've thought of getting some money making affiliate packages, and writing reviews on them too, but I'm not sure where to start.

My head is swimming mostly with ideas of cookie stuffing.. among other things.

However, I've been encountering more and more of a time crunch, for personal reasons. What I'm trying to say is: I need the money.

So, is this a good idea even? Or just downright cheesy?

Like I said, this is my first time, and I'm very unsure. Any critical opinion, advice or help would be extremely appreciated.

Just give me ideas, you guys, whether they be long term or quick in-out, but perhaps repetitive techniques. Try and keep in mind that I want this thing Monetizing ASAP. I'm tired of being stuck (similair to writers cramp I guess), and I just want to go the most efficient, high-paying way.
You should put some Adsense ads up there or WidgetBucks...that should start you on the path to monetization.
Thanks guys.. How will this get me real money though?
I'm looking to include some Blackhat specifics.. I'd like mostly advertising ideas for my site.. like backlinks.. but I'm really new to those.. Is there a better way of posting backlinks other than doing it manually? (eg signing up to a forum, and posting about your site, then leaving to go to another forum would take a long time I imagine)

I actually tried Adsense a while back, but it didn't do much for me.. I think I made $0.17.. If I were to go to adsense, how could I increase the amount I'm making?
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