**1st 60 Weird $ Web-LINKS**

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    :D**1st 60 Weird $ Web-LINKS**:eek:

    If you get a good idea you wanna try or if you laugh to
    tears get in ur eyes show some
    thanks love :cool:

    1.6 Mil lion Refrigerator Rental How 2 College Kids in St. Louis Made 1.6 Mil w/a ship & storage & refrig rental Biz
    5000.00 for SandCastles How Patrick Gets 3K to 5k Per Sand Castle Beach Imprint - for Pete?s Sake
    Food & Travel Coupon Website Profitable Website Provides ADDED VALUE F-r-e-e Food and Travel Coupons
    CoonCats Sold On A Website Robin Raises and S ells WEIRD CoonCats - Part Time CoonCat Website - (She is doing well - just bought 12 acres to raise cats on. That?s mucho cats!)
    Order a Puppeteer Distributorship CoraLie Is a Utah Puppeteer Who S ells Puppet-Biz Distributorships -
    Charity UpScale Furniture Consignment Hobby Makes MillionsHow Terri Took a Charity FundRaising idea - invented by Attorney Wives - Makes Mil lions W/an Up-Scale Furniture Consignment Business. 16 stores and growing.
    Meet Your Goat-Buy His Wool Store Singer/Songwriter Started Wool & Yarn Store - Fainting Goats, Llamas, Alpaca - meet the goat your wool comes from...
    Digital Avatar Fund-Raising WEIRD - Charity Fund Raising Biz INSIDE 1 mil lion Player On-Line Digital Communities. (The people, real estate, houses, businesses are ALL Fake. Famous Stars Come in as Avatar to give Speeches to a room full of Avatars. GOOFY!)
    ?Wine-Angel? Flies to Your Table WEIRDEST Job - **Wine Angel** at UK Restaurant - Lorraine Fetches Your Wine from 40 Foot Tall Bottle of Wine using Wire Harness.
    Worm Poop Biz Makes 5 Million a Yr Tom in NJ Made 461,000.00 in 1st year. 5 Mil Next Year. Worm Poop Comes in Old Soda bottles!
    4000.00 a Day on Ebay Selling Refurbished DVD Drives Marat Denenberg - Age 23 New Jersey. His 2006 Sales were 1.8 million. WOW... Lying and Cheating WILL Get You. This article collection says Marat has been arrested. (One Post I read says he was representing recycled stuff as brand new.)
    Debit Card Biz Started In Parents Basement 16 Yr Old Jared Started a Debit Card Processing Co in His Parents Basement. 40,000 clients now at age 23. 58 mil gross s ales.
    David Makes 8 Million a Yr on Ebay Selling Engagement Rings David is only 28 - lives in NYCity. He Starts his auctions at 99 cents each.
    Mark Wrote Some Software So He could Talk Easier On-line-OOOPS 75 Employees Mark Was 22 - Junior at Harvard - He wrote some software to make it EASIER to Talk on-Line. Now he has 75 employees. 24 million users, (You Get The Website)
    CHEAP Perfume & Cosmetics Website Jacquelyn - age 29 - Started a WEIRD Interactive Perfume and Cosmetics Website. (9.00 instead of 25.00 p rices/45.00 instead of 160.00) - 100?s of TEST products. (You Get The Website)
    200,000 Member BodyBuilding Site Ryan is 28. Lives in Idaho. Started a Body Building Website. 200,000 P AYING members. Grosses 46 mil lion a year. (You Get The Website)
    Design Your Own Hat, Shirt, Pen Site Marc is 29 - He created a Website that Lets Customers Custom Design Hats, T-Shirts, Pens and All Kinds of Merchandise. Started it in Year 2000. Making 23.5 mil in 2007. (You Get The Website)
    400,000 Hits a Month Reviewing Tech Gadgets Blog Robin is 21. She started Writing Reviews on her Tiny Blog When she was a teenager. She Now gets 400,000 HITS a mo and s ells Ads to Sony, Cannon and does Joint VEntures with Big Companies... (You Get The Website)
    200 Student Written College Guide Books Website Luke is 26 year old. He?s found a Nifty way to Create College Guide Books. Based 100% on Student Interviews. (Not what the parents say.) Dunno how much he makes. But he has 200 different Guide Books in Print. (You Get The Website)
    1.4 Million of WEIRD Dumplings-Website Kenny & Anita S ell WEIRD Fast Food. 1.4 mil worth of DUMPLINGS. Everybody Laughed. But now they are opening 5 More Dumpling Bars this year. Testimonial from Martha Stewart. History of Dumplings time line - on their Website. (You Get The Dumpling MUSIC Website)
    Chase Away -Not Harm- VARMINTS & Critters 1.1 million $ Website James is 30. His website s ells ALL Natural products to Repel Rabbits, Squirrels, deer. Sounds STUPID, right. He?s making 1.1 mil a year (You Get The Website)
    I?m the Only Woman Who Owns a Major League Lacrosse Team - Website Angela is the ONLY female Lacrosse Team Owner. She is Getting Richer with her Line of Women?s Sports clothing. AND she will invest in Other Women?s Fashion Start-Ups. (You Get The Website)
    2 Language Job & Newspaper Website Eli is 25. He?s Created a Bi-Lingual Job Site and Newspaper. (You Get The Website)
    College Student?s Frankenstein Chemistry Experiments EXPLODED into Munny Michael - NY Chemistry Student - 350,000 P Rofit - Discovered How to STOP Metal From Exploding at Pharmaceutical & Oil Company Refineries.
    My Sister & I?ve Made 1/4 Million From a Vibrating Clock Erik & Christina are 25 yrs old - They?ve made 250,000.00 with a Silent Alarm Clock. This is Really STUPID.
    A - The Scared People Who Buy these clocks
    Tom Gets Paid 250,000 To Play Video Games Tom - T-Squared - Taylor - 19 yrs old. Makes 250,000 playing Halo. (A interactive Digital on-line game.) How He?s Got 1000 paying students - and can Retire with a Big Stream of Income. SHEESH.
    Interview with tom About his Gaming Lessons company - that teaches people how to Win at Halo2 and Super Smash Brothers. http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2006/08/gamesetinterview_tom_tsquared.php
    Good interview with Tom Taylor -
    Laima Started Building Websites at age 7 - Website WATCH for this girl - She Already Has Fortune 500 CEO?s Coaching her... Laima Tazmin - Age 7 - NYCity - borrowed her older brothers Computer books. Started creating websites for FUN. 6th Grade - won 1st Prize for her Biz Plan. Age 17 she makes 25,000 p rofit a yr. Plan is to hire 1000?s to use her web systems. Company runs itself while she goes to college. (We?re looking at an International Biz here - folks.)
    16 Yr Old Is Starting a New Go-Ped Industry Buddy Dillenberg - Age 16 - Took 4500.00 he saved for a car. Got a drill press instead. Instantly started making 1000.00 a mo - part time - Making ADD-ONS for his friends motorized Scooters - called Go-Peds. (A huge USA trend - GAS Will Force Us to Go Small. Here is a Video of what Buddy is Adding parts to.)
    Millionaire Bartender Rhonda - Website Rhonda Kallman - At age 19 - she Turned her two part time jobs - Bartender and Secretary at a consulting company - into Co-Owner of Boston Beer Co - Maker of Samual Adams Beer. AND She just started a NEW Beer Company to s ell a totally new Lite Beer. MoonShot Beer with Caffeine.
    I Stole My BOSS? Customers w/MUFFINS-Website Judy Wicks - Started White Dog Muffin Company out of her home. Has Bought up the block to hold her White Dog Cafe and Black Cat Retail stores. All organic - All Wind-powered electricity. (Judy has a WEIRD cookbook at amazon.)
    Get a HUG Jewelry & Clothing Lindsay Webber - age 17 - Florida - Owner of Love.Hope.Serenity - Line of custom Designed accessories and clothing. (TREND. ADDING Emotion & Ideas into Clothing)
    Women?s Rodeo Entertainment for Kids Hope McFarland - age 17 - LA - Owner of Keithville CowGirl - Children?s Entertainment company
    A - Did You Know Rodeo?s Are a billion dollar industry in the USA?
    B - Why the Guys Ride the Bulls. But the Gals spend The Munny in Rodeo chic
    C - Don?t Laugh. We Did the Research. Women have a Psychic connection with horses. Which is WHY Little girls go GA GA over Hope?s Cowgirl Party Ideas.
    Jewelry for Dogs Cassandra Saba - age 17 - Owner of Sassy Cassy - Designer Jewelry Line
    A - Dog & Cat clothing Website... http://www.pawprintsshop.com/
    B - EGAD - 678.00 for a MOUSE RING! The Dog, Cat, Horse and rat Jewelry is just as expensive.
    C - Why Research is So Important. How I Had The Pet Jewelry Idea Exactly Backwards.
    FAT Baby Clothing Brooklyn R. Young - Ohio - owner/designer of **Big Baby Clothing LLC** - Custom screen printed and embroidered apparel. (Massive Trend indicator)
    A - News to me. Women Who Are Overwgt have Fat Babies.
    B - Why Ebay & Amazon Tell Us This is a RED HOT group of Buyers to sell to.
    C - 2 Customers in one. Why the owners of Fat Dogs Also Have FAT Babies.
    I Baby-sit Your Pet At Home Khali Jones, Atlanta, GA - age 16 - Created **Khali?s Kennel** - Pet sitting service in your house. (TREND - People don?t wanna? board their pets.)
    Summer Camp for Girls Who Dress Like DOLLS Jillian P. Brown - Age 17 - Created a Mini Camp Program Themed after the Popular **American Girl Doll Collection.** (YIKES - 19,000 Auctions on E bay. Doll Themed Vacation Packages. A HOT Niche to s ell into. You Get The Website.)
    A - PROOF I?m not a little girl. Having a Doll Bed, Doll Breakfast and More Sounds Creepy. But it must be BIG for 2 Manhattan Hotels to Promote a DOLL Mom & Daughter Vacation package.
    B - AND a Chicago Marriot Hotel to offer it as a THEME VACATION.
    C - Wow - Look at the Money on the hoof (or the Dolls)
    SeaWeed & MUD HairCare Jasmine Lawrence - New Jersey - age 15 - Founded **Eden Bodyworks** - all natural hair care line of products. (TREND - away from chemicals that damage hair.)
    Kids Throw Their Munny In a POT & Save Stephanie Brown - Ohio - Age 18 - Set up 1st successful student run Credit Union - **Oakwood Universal 1 Credit Union** (TREND - Kids leveraging their munny)
    A - We tracked this down and discovered Steph is Mired down with Banks, School Officials and Red Tape. So even tho she is winning awards. She may have to Do it over - all by herself.
    Backwoods SKIN - Lipstick That Grows Like a WEED WEIRD Corn & Flower Seeds Lipstick - Website that markets Lipstick made from flower seeds and tubes of corn. Shipping box GROWS when you plant it. (You get the website)
    Get a NEW Fishing Rod for OLD Prices Gary Collects Discontinued Fishing rods from Giant Catalog companies for peanuts. Re-sells them to Mom and Pop fishing stores. Works part time. Has no other job. (A Part time from Home BIZ)
    A - How Gary Chooses What Rods to Look for
    B - How Gary Knows When Fishing Rods Are Discontinued
    C - The single Question Gary asks his Mom and Pop Fishing Tackle Shop Owner - Fishing rod buyers.
    D - Why Warehouse Managers CALL Gary now. He doesn?t contact Them.
    Rent-a-KISS-Casket That Plays Music & Chills BEER A friend works at a Rent-a-KISS Casket Store in Houston, TX. Costing 5k to 50K or more. The KISS Band Branded Caskets are water-proof. Used at parties - filled with ice and serve soda and beer. (They s ell distributorships too.)
    200 Million Dollar Entrepreneur Gene Simmons has written an Excellent book about how he makes and Keeps money. Here?s the Link:
    Top Realtor/Bartender Gets Buyers DRUNK - Real Estate Agent/Bartender - Gets all leads by 1st Getting Prospects DRUNK at the Up-Scale Bar where he works. I spent some time talking to this guy. Amazing.
    A - How Mr BEER Chose Where to Bartend
    B - How He Paints a Bullseye on Good Prospects
    C - How he gets You Drunk. He starts with a Beer You Like.
    D - Why he says a Bartender is like a mistress.
    Live In a Shipping Container Home 228,000 hits on google - We Import More Than We Export SO - Hundreds of thousands of Steel Shipping Containers Are Piling up SO HIGH that local laws are being passed. The Piles block the SunSet. WEIRD Artist & Architect Have Built Homes from Shipping containers - YouTube Vids
    A - Video - Where to order. Shipping container basics. Prices. Sizes.
    B - An Architect who has Videos, color Photo?s, Detailed Plans for all kinds and sizes of Homes and offices built using Shipping Containers.
    C - 6 Youtube videos - How-to-Build Your Shipping Container Home - Wacky artist who built his home out of steel shipping containers. Walk thru View on Youtube.
    Get Paid To Drive Your Car or SUV to Work -WebsiteColor Photos and Video Show Cars And Trucks Driving Around Carrying a Wrap-Around-Video Display. Very Goofy Looking.
    Beauty Parlor/Spa-on-Wheels This Lady gets Paid EXTRA to Bring Her SPA-On-Wheels to Clients in their homes, Offices, Women too Sick to Leave The House.
    Make Munny Selling SMELLY Ads The Los Angeles Times and Wall St Journal are Both Testing a New Kind of INK in their Ads. You can?t SMELL it until you RUB it. They Charge a Lot More for it. So Ad Sales Fees For SalesPeople Are Higher.
    BLING is Big - 150,000 Dollar Diamond and Gold Car Shift Knob Tony Lee Started a Small Las Vegas Company that Designs BLING for Affluent RAP Stars and Others Who Want to ADD Bling to OUT-SHINE Their Friends. WOW - WEIRD Website.
    2 Million a Yr On Ebay Selling Swords & iPod Accessories James Anderson - Age 26 - Arizona - Put off Law School cuz He was making More Than a Law School Grad.
    Tiffany Makes 2.7 Million on Ebay Drop-Selling from Hawaii Tiffany came home After taking Fashion & Design in College to Honolulu to take care of a sick relative. Started selling things on Ebay. Helped friends & Relatives Sell Their Stuff. SO Many People Lined Up for Help - she now has 12 employees helping her.
    Mordy Makes 2.5 Mil lion On E-Bay w/Cell Phone Accessories Mordy is 30. Researched What Was Selling Well. Started part time after work. Quit his Financial Services job and stays home. Plans to Sell on Amazon next. He Get His Ebay ID name and a Link to his Auctions.
    8 Million on Ebay from Hi-Fi & Stereo Equipment Chris and His Wife Lisa - Age 30 and 26 are from Missouri. Chris used to make Extra Munny installing Car Stereo?s as a teenager. You get their Ebay ID and a Link to their Auctions.
    Millions Selling Skin Care Products from a Website Darren Pamatat FOCUSES on The Top Brands. Uses an Editor?s Choice Section to Point at Specific Products. AND Offers F-r-e-e 2nd Day FedEx shipping for 50.00 buys and a F-r-e-e 30.00 Gift Card for 125.00 Purchases.
    46 Yr Old Attorney Has Cancer-YET Makes 100,000 On Ebay Fixing Antique Violins How Many Folks do YOU Know with Brain Cancer Who Make a 100K without Leaving Home? You Get The Link to Richards Auctions.
    Husband Gives Wife 20.00 & Says, *See What You Can Do.* She Creates 4.4 Million A Yr Website Diane Bingham - CEO Age 40 And Husband Who Left 10.00 an hr Hardware Store Job after Triple By-Pass Surgery Sell Antiques - Mostly Furniture - From Private Owners All Over The World - from Home with their website... (You get the website)
    Eran Made 300% Profit Selling Designer Suits at Auction. He Made 2 Million in 2006 And Opened a Suit Website. Eran Dekel - age 30 Watched a friend making Millions from home with a Cosmetics site. So when his Uncle asked him to try to Sell Some Suits on-line - He ran with it. He Says the Secret is his 3 TRUST building tactics. // Website: www.decalofashion.com
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    why is this in the making money section ?
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    My eyes bleed
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    :p Black Hat misdirection. I can see why you'd want to scare people away from a gang load of world wide TESTED AND PROVEN (with some failures thrown in for reality) blue hat, red hat, purple hat and black hat methods of getting millions in cash fast. You probably want to try and pimp as many as you can and outsource the others. Playa Playa :lmao: