1k leads in the registry cleaning niche


Jan 11, 2008
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i have 1k buyer leads from customers who bought from me as an affiliate in clickbank.

i have no relationship with them and have not mailed to them in half a year.

how can i monetise these emails?
send them some other " pc system booster" affiliate link. you schould get at least 100 sales, if you do it right.

just find something high converting with a good sales page
hell yeah market to them, why wouldn't you?
You should have setup an auto-responder that would mail them out a new offer every week. If the people are buying eBooks on Home Businesses.. find more eBooks to sell them (or similar). Could have prob made $100 a month just reselling to existing customers.
Relationship or not, Sell Sell Sell!

And like jmhmedia said, it would also be a good idea to setup an auto-responder that mails out new offers every week. Hey, thats what its for.
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