1Dollar-Hosting.Com SCAMMER!

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    Nov 28, 2008
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    This actually happened about a year ago to my partner who is not a member here. Basically he signed up for a year of service (worth 12 dollars).. The scammer was asking for some weird, unusual documents, which of course my partner could not provide. He filed a dispute at Paypal. The scammer found a loophole and LIED and said they are "Truckers" WTF!!! Gaypal ruled in favor of the scammer and got away with the dough.

    The scammer's site ranks high in the SERPS.

    At any rate 12 dollars is not much. But hope this manages to save atleast one would be victim, from Robert de Scammer.


    Robert DE CRAECKER (Name of the scammer)
    [email protected]