1and1 - WORST Domain registrar EVER


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Jun 11, 2009
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So, here's the deal. I have purchased a domain a year ago to start a company and took advantage of their offer to get it for $0.99 with private registration. One year later, a few days ago, it was about to expire. I had auto renewal turned on and automatic payments were pre-aproved in my Paypal account. Instead of renewing my domain, they let it expire. OK. I can manually reactivate it. Guess what? I can't. There was no option to do this. Searched on the support to see that there should be a link under the expiration date, but as you already guessed, there isn't any.

So I call them and the first operator instructs me to turn auto renewal on and go trough the steps again to pre-aprove payments via Paypal. I do that and he said it should be renewed within 24 hours. So 24 hours later, it still doesn't work, plus now I cannot open domain center, it gives me an error that I don't have access to it.

So I call again, and tell the operator the story and what he does is that he escalates that to the higher support to get it worked on and gives me a case number. It will be finished within 24 hours. That was at Friday. Monday, my domain has a new expiration date, but still not working.

So I call again give the operator the case number and the operator re-escalates the case to his higher ups and tells me it will be taken care of within 24 hours. Next day, still nothing has changed.

So I call again and then the operator tells me that it is already being worked on and that I'll have to wait. They cannot influence the work of the "transfer department". He assures me, it will get taken care of. So this morning I wake up and see that the domain has been parked and opened up for sale with sedo.co.uk.

So I call again and tell the operator that I have lost all of my patience and that I need my domain working RIGHT NOW. He tells me he's investigating it. Then, after 10 minutes of silence he request these things from me: my account password and my email, Which I hesitantly give to him since he said he needs them to be able to re-escalate this.

So now, I'm waiting here and thinking: "What the fuck was I thinking when I purchased the domain with them?" WORST DECISION EVER.

1&1 is the worst of the worst. I also have a domain on 1&1 and i regret the day i decided to buy it from them
I had 2 decent domains on 1&1, i tried to transfer them when having to go through somthing similar as you when trying to renew the domains but i remember them requiring all this BS and make me jump through hoops to do something that takes seconds elsewhere. The domains ended up expiring , fuck 1&1.
Same here, they are fucking wank. I buy all my stuff through Vidahost now - they're awesome.
So NOW, after all of this, they finally got that I don't want to cancel my domain and I received an email to confirm the reactivation and that I'll be billed for some BS. Just waiting for the domain to be active, and going to transfer it ASAP. Fuck 1and1.
Everywhere you look on the internet they have just bad reviews. Webhosting, domains, anything. Just avoid them.
You should see my face when I tried to change the damn name servers. It did not work at all. Took 1 hour and numerous number of reloads, logging in and out to fix that!
That sucks. Thanks for sharing your experience. I won't use them.
You have been a member here since 2009. Seriously, what were you thinking when you registered the domain? This place is bombarded with recommendations to register domains at sites like namecheap.com
Yeah I'm happy with the hosting, but the domains are shite. Just started moving them over to namecheap when they are up for renewal. Still can use 1&1's email services etc. for half the price. And hidden WHOIS.
I lost a domain worth $2k because of an auto renewal problem with them. They are scum.
You have been a member here since 2009. Seriously, what were you thinking when you registered the domain? This place is bombarded with recommendations to register domains at sites like namecheap.com

Honestly, as said, I was trying a new method and was really low on cash. Like seriously low. Didn't have enough to pay the full price for the domain. That's why. Now I know better than that.
Another thumbs down for these b@stads. Watch out for the auto renew set to default. Many registrars do this, but these guys make it very difficult to disable.
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